Download Free Windows Home Server Software from Microsoft

While most people have not yet heard of Microsoft’s new Windows Home Server, there are already some free goodies from various Microsoft resources.
Download –> Windows Home Server with Power Pack 3 (30 Day Trial) – With Windows Home Server, you can back up all of your family’s PCs automatically. Plus you can connect, organize, and share your photos, videos, music, and other files with friends and family.
    • Manage all torrents currently in µTorrent (start, pause, stop, remove)
    • Add a new torrent by selecting a *.torrent file
    • Add a new torrent by providing an URL
Advanced Admin Console extends the Windows Home Server console to various parts of your Windows Home Server’s administration controls, giving you access to many server functions that would only be available if you remote accessed into the server itself. (WHS Website Recommended)
AutoExit is a console add-in to shut down and reboot machines in your home network from within the console. (WHS Website Recommended)
Community Feeds allows you to view RSS and other XML based content feeds on the internet from your Xbox 360 console. (WHS Team Recommended)
Diskeeper 2009  elevates system performance, debugging fragmentation-based problems as they occur, without ever compromising vital system resources, even when the whole family is connected to the computer.  (WHS Website Recommended)
Duplication Info Add-in displays how files are duplicated between hard drives. (MSDN Recommended)
Grid Junction UPS Add-in integrates seamlessly to issue power alerts and helps protect Windows Home Server from power problems, brownouts, or blackouts by safely powering down the Windows Home Server when battery levels reach a set threshold. (WHS Website Recommended)
Jungle Disk online Amazon S3 storage (WHS Team Recommended)
KeepVault provides real-time, automatic, and continuous synchronization, backup and sharing for your most important digital files via local or online storage. (WHS Website Recommended)
LightsOut is a power management add-in that allows you to place your home server in sleep or hibernation mode at scheduled times.  (WHS Website Recommended)
mControl is software for your digital home. From your Media Center PC, via Internet Explorer or through your Windows Mobile device, you can control all aspects of your home with a touch of a button. (WHS Website Recommended)
My Movies provides automated disc copying of cd’s and movies from attached USB drives, adding meta-data to copied discs, or movies already stored on the server. All metadata is made available to Media Centers and other devices.  (WHS Website Recommended)
Outlook Webmail Add-in allow users to view their Outlook mail from a web browser.
PerfectDisk adds disk defragmentation capabilities to the Windows Home Server environment. (WHS Website Recommended)
Program Launcher Add-in gives a new tab and the ability to start a program from within the WHS console -including a desktop icon providing desktop access. (MSDN Recommended)
Photo Upload Add-in allows WHS to upload photos in a “to upload” directory onto Flickr. This process is kicked off via the add-in’s custom WHS Console.
Recorded TV Manager Add-in integrates your Microsoft Media Center computers with your Windows Home Server. Collect, manage and watch your television recordings from anywhere on the network. (WHS Website Recommended)
Remote Alert permits WHS Administrators to monitor remote access attempts to their Windows Home Server. Any attempt to log on to the WHS by a browser is reported in real-time using the WHS Network Health task tray icon.  (WHS Website Recommended)
Router Control Add-in enables the user to get more control over their UPnP internet gateway (e.g. see and modify the dynamic port forwards). This provides Windows Vista additional features like traffic graphs and monitoring.
Security Essentials Notifer Add-in enhances the user experience of those using Microsoft Security Essentials to protect their server. The MSEN Add-in allows you to receive notifications to your client computers of definition updates, scans on your hard disk, and detected malware.
TV Manager Add-in allows you to move your recordings to your Windows Home Server for management and storage. Watch your recordings in Media Center as if they were sitting in your Media Center record path. (Channel 10 Recommended)
Wake on Lan Add-in allows you to send a wake up call to other “sleeping” PC’s on your network. (TechNet Recommended)
Whiist Website Management Add-In allows you to create and manage web content. (WHS Team Recommended)
Web Folders 4 WHS add-in simplyfies the setup of web folder access to homeserver. (MSDN Recommended)
WebGuide for Windows Home Server enables you to remotely access, listen, watch and stream your music, photos and videos stored on your home server while away from home. (Now Owned by Microsoft)
    • Integrates with Windows Home Server remote website via homepage link and single-signon.
    • Access your photos with thumbnails, “zoom” and exif-data.
    • Browse your music library and listen to it via the web.
    • Stream your videos/movies at multiple resolutions and bitrates.
    • Mobile access to your music and videos from Windows Mobile devices.
WebRadio Add-in plays radio streams from the internet, and comes with a list of 65 radio stations.
WHS Customizer gives you control over your home server’s remote webpage. You can now change your default image display. (WHS Website Recommended)
WHS Outlook 2010 Add-in (trial) from Office Maven, integrates Outlook 2010 with the Windows Home Server Console application. WHS Outlook allows a single installation of Microsoft Outlook 2010 to be shared by up to 10 different client PCs via the Windows Home Server Console. Using the Remote Access features of Windows Home Server, you can even gain full access to all of your Microsoft Outlook e-mail, contacts, calendars, etc. from anywhere in the world that Internet access is available. (From MSDN)
Windows Home Server Disk Management Add-in is designed for users who need more detail about their server’s storage status than what the standard Windows Home Server Storage interface provides. (WHS Website Recommended)
Windows Home Server Toolkit v1.1 (also available in 64-bit) is a collection of tools that help you troubleshoot issues with Windows Home Server. The toolkit has the following components:
Windows Search 4.0 for Windows Search 4.0 for Windows Home Server & Multilingual User Interface Pack are updated search components. (Support: KB940157)

    • 2007 Office System Converter: IFilter Pack will install and register the following formats: .docx, .docm, .pptx, .pptm, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xlsb, .zip, .one, .vdx, .vsd, .vss, .vst, .vdx, .vsx, &  .vtx 
    • Internet Explorer History Add-in indexes the history of the web pages browsed using Internet Explorer. (Support KB918998
    • Lotus Notes Add-in indexes the content of Lotus Notes e-mail, contacts, calendar items, and journal items
    • Microsoft Network (UNC/FAT) Protocol Handler Add-in indexes shared network directories and FAT drive(s) to easily find specific content. (Support KB918996)
    • Outlook Saved Mail Add-in indexes Outlook’s (.msg file) indexing (.MSG) files including Message Body; Subject; From; From Name; From Address; To Name; To Address; CC Name; CC Address; Doc Title Prefix; Sent Date; Received Date; Primary Date; Conversation ID; Attachment Names and will indicate if an attachment is present within the .MSG. Additionally, content within attachments are indexed and searched.
Getting Started (PDF) contains information about installing and configuring Windows Home Server. Follow these easy instructions to get Windows Home Server quickly set up and configured.
Home Computer Backup and Restore provides an in-depth look at the features and functionality of Windows Home Server “Home Computer” Backup and Restore.
Home Networking (PDF) technical brief provides an in-depth look at home networking and how it applies to Windows Home Server. Learn how to protect, connect, and organize your files, photo, music, and videos.
Media Sharing (PDF) technical brief provides an in-depth look at sharing photos, music and videos with your home computers and media playback devices attached to your home network.
Release Documentation (DOC) contains late-breaking information to help you set up and run Windows Home Server. It is divided into three sections:
    • Pre-Installation
    • Installing
    • Post-Installation
Remote Access (PDF) provides an in-depth look at the features and functionality of Windows Home Server Remote Access. Learn about enabling, testing, troubleshooting, and customizing Remote Access.
Reviewer’s Guide (PDF) provides a detailed overview of the way families keep and share their documents, photos, videos, and music. Windows Home Server brings it all together for families with multiple personal computers.
Troubleshooting Windows Home Server Connector Installation (DOC) helps troubleshoot problems if you see “An unknown network error has occurred,” “Configuring computer backup failed,” or some other error during Setup of the Windows Home Server Connector software.
User Accounts and Shared Folders – centrally store, protect and access your data on your home server.  Files can be accessed from both within your home network and remotely from the web.
WebGuide enables you to remotely access, listen, watch and stream your music, photos and videos stored on your home server while away from home. (WFS Team Recommended)
Windows Home Server Drive Extender technical brief provides an in-depth look at configuring your home server’s storage and adding / removing hard drives.


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