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You CAN do a “Clean” Windows Vista Installation from an Upgrade DVD

  The blogging world is buzzing about the discovery that you CAN perform a "clean" installation of Windows Vista from an Upgrade version! Boot Windows Vista Upgrade DVD Click "Install Now" Do not enter Product Key, which installs the 30-day … Continue reading

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Microsoft Releases Free Sudoku Game for Windows Vista

  Microsoft released the "Origami Experience Pack" which contains these three programs for an Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) running Windows Vista: Origami Experience – Access your music, videos, pictures, and favorite programs.  Touch Settings – Easily view and interact with the … Continue reading

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Ultimate List of Free Microsoft Office 2007 Software & Resources

  OFFICE 2007 SOFTWARE Administrative Templates for system programs   Best Practices Analyzer programmatically collects settings and values, creating detailed reports helping achieve greater performance, scalability, and uptime.   Captions Language Interface Pack translation solution using tooltip captions to display results. (Code Cultures) … Continue reading

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Microsoft Releases Office 2007 “Get Started Tab” Add-in

  The "Get Started" tabs are added to the Office 2007 Ribbon , giving easy access to free content on Office Online (i.e training courses, video demos). An Office Online interactive command mapping tool, also available on the Get Started tab, shows where to … Continue reading

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Microsoft Releases Windows Vista Easy Transfer for Windows 2000 & XP

  Windows Easy Transfer enables you to automatically copy your files, photos, music, email, settings, and more to your new Windows Vista based PC. This makes it much easier to setup your new computer with all your personal data and … Continue reading

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Microsoft Releases Windows Live Messenger 8.1

Windows Live Messenger is Microsoft’s next-generation MSN Messenger. It has the same features as MSN Messenger (contact list, emoticons, and instant access to your friends via text, voice, and video) — plus new ways to connect and share photos and documents effortlessly.   … Continue reading

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Windows Vista Ultimate Extras Posted: Hold ‘Em Poker & BitLocker

  Microsoft has begun to post some "goodies" using Windows Vista Ultimate. (Just go to Windows Update and install) Hold Em Poker Game – This Windows Ultimate Extra adds a popular poker game to your Windows Vista gaming experience. Hold … Continue reading

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