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BestBuy’s Shameful Sales Pressure on Seniors

While I wish my 80 year old Father-in-Law would ask me for technical assistance, he’s proudly independent and still prefers doing things himself. He was tired of his old (analog) TV, and wanted to purchase a 40″ HDTV – should … Continue reading

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Get Your Custom Xbox Avatar T-Shirt Here!

From Microsoft & Cafepress: “Bring your Xbox LIVE Avatar to life & share it with people in the “real” world. When you’re sporting your own fun Avatar on gear, who knows who you’ll bump into (and be recognized by — … Continue reading


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Loving My New “Samsung Focus S” Windows Phone

I’ll have plenty to say about this wonderful phone soon – but right now I feel like I’m driving a luxury rental car, and every time I use the blinkers … the windshield wipers go on! 🙂

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Seven Days in Utopia: Movie’s Ending Only on the Internet

Not sure if I’d be pleased to watch an entire movie and NOT see the ending — only to be told to check the Internet to “see what happens”. Movie Pooper: Seven Days in Utopia (2011) Seven Days in Utopia: … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga Stops By …

Just another day at the office … Lady Gaga stopped by to perform her new song “You And I” – she sure sounded great for 8am (^_^) Watch Here –>

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Windows Live Spaces No Longer Allows Managing Comments

Back on 6/7 Windows Live Spaces removed their stats page — Microsoft quickly posted a page that stated based upon user feedback they have removed the stat page.  Microsoft has now removed that page. Gone *poof* =   Well they never … Continue reading

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Shameless Plug: Contest for “Best Windows Website 2009” – Please Vote!

  The Windows Club recently judged 60+ Windows technical websites & blogs. The individual rankings of each of the judges: Ed Bott, Rafael Rivera, Steve Sinchak, Paul Schottland, Lowell Heddings, Emil Protalinski, Howard Lo, Corrine Chorney, James Fisher & Anand … Continue reading

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The End of FM Talk Radio Launches New “Amp Radio”

It was a sad day at work as we said goodby to our Free FM radio network (Adam Carolla, Tom Leykis, Tim Conway Jr., Frosty Heidi & Frank) While you can still grab some podcasts for posterity — it’s not … Continue reading

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Our Company Holiday Party

  Many companies have “dismissed” employees and canceled their Holiday Parties. And my company is no exception.   But even though our staff was reduced – we still held a small, quick, "we’re thankful we still have jobs" party in our … Continue reading

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Sorry for the Lack of Blogging

  Due to some personal triumphs, a family tragedy, and a much deserved vacation “The Road to Know Where” blog needed to take a break. I sincerely appreciate the emails and comments I’ve received – and I promise there are … Continue reading

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