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Updated Paint.NET v2.61 Now Available

"An updated Paint.NET was released to fix a few of the bugs found since v2.6’s release. This is not an alpha, beta, or release candidate, and as such does not expire."   Changes:   Fixed crash when clicking File àNew when there … Continue reading


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Updated Microsoft Messenger for Macintosh

UPDATED! Microsoft Messenger for Mac 5.1.1 makes it easy to take advantage of the full power of instant messaging and incorporates improvements to corporate accounts. This update allows users of Messenger for Mac to view icons for contacts of other … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget: Daylights Savings Time

This weekend is Daylights Savings Time – we all “Spring Forward” and set our clocks ahead one hour. OK, not “all” of us . . .   Here’s a quick review of the issues when Working with Microsoft Products in Various … Continue reading

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Microsoft is Crazy About Sudoku (Free Games)

When Microsoft’s Stephen Toub’s obsession with Sudoku “forced” him to write a version for his TabletPC, it was quickly added into Microsoft’s new Ultra-Mobile PC’s Touch Pack. Now Microsoft has Stephen’s solution available as a download.   Microsoft Sudoku: Optimizing UMPC … Continue reading

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Exchange Server 2003 Performance, Tuning & Tweaking Resources

“How to” RESOURCES:  How to choose server hardware for Exchange 2003 that can be effectively re-utilized for Exchange 12? How to Configure Glitch Retry Interval in Exchange Server 2003 How to Increase System Page Table Entries in Windows 2000 How … Continue reading

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Ben Stiller’s “Heat Vision and Jack” with Jack Black & Owen Wilson

The website “YouTube” has posted “Heat Vision and Jack” a 1999 pilot created for Fox. Written by Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab, directed by Ben Stiller, this series was passed over by Fox despite critical acclaim from those who’ve been … Continue reading

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Free Add-ins to Microsoft’s Windows Desktop Search (including Lotus Notes)

Microsoft’s Windows Desktop Search keeps getting better & better with each new version, and the addition of these add-ins.  MSG iFilter Add-in to Windows Desktop Search – This iFilter allows you to perform a search on all elements of your … Continue reading

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Updated Microsoft Office Free Word Redaction Tool

To help you prevent the embarrassing problem that pharmaceutical company Merck had with their documents – please check-out (and use) these two free Microsoft Office utilities.  Updated! Office 2003 Add-in: Word Redaction hides text within Microsoft Office Word 2003 documents. … Continue reading

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SP1 Updates for Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Microsoft has released Service Pack 1 of their Community Technology Preview (CTP) versions of SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2005 Express Editions. It’s recommended to FIRST review the Readme Files, to learn about common issues that can impact your … Continue reading

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Microsoft Updates Local Live Virtual Earth Maps

My favorite Mapping System is Microsoft’s Local Live; and they just made it better by expanding their "Bird’s Eye Coverage" — Recently Added:   Orlando, FL Fort Worth, TX Dakota & Olmsted Counties, MN Broomfield County, CO Lawrenceville & Trenton, NJ … Continue reading

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