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Rose Parade Float from Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect

Microsoft had a float representing their Xbox Kinect on this morning’s 2012 New Year’s Rose Parade!

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Who Coined the Term "Rock and Roll"?

I’m continually told by “radio people” how NY’s famous WINS-AM DJ, Alan Freed, was the first person to use the term Rock & Roll to describe a certain type of music.  However, the phrase Rock & Roll had been in … Continue reading

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Microsoft Has a Serious Sense of Humor Training Website

  Microsoft ‘s Humor Training – Hello!  We’re glad you stopped by to see how seriously we take humor.  No, this page isn’t a joke.  It’s part of a complete set of professional development competencies that we developed with educators … Continue reading

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Ron Howard Directs “Funny-or-Die’s Presidential Reunion” Video Starring Saturday Night Live (SNL) Veterans!

  Ron Howard has directed "Funny or Die’s: Presidential Reunion" Barack Obama gets a surprise visit in the night from Saturday Night Live’s ex-Presidents Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Clinton, Ford, Reagan and Carter to get a few pointers about the … Continue reading

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Stupid Windows 7 Trick: Keyboard Shortcut for Windows XP’s Task Switcher

  We all know the "normal" keyboard shortcuts for switching between tasks within Windows: <Alt> + <Tab> = Switch & Preview Through Windows Tasks <WinKey> + <Tab> =  Flip Through Windows Tasks But within Windows 7, there’s  still the Windows XP … Continue reading

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Windows 7 on Family Guy: First Sneak Peek:

  Microsoft & FOX have teamed-up to have Windows 7 featured on the Family Guy.  Here’s the first sneak peek at the upcoming November 8th episode.   

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Microsoft Research Releases “Page Hunt” – Bing Web Search Game

  Microsoft’s Research Lab has released Page Hunt a game where you search in reverse:  you’re shown a web page, which you have to "hunt down" using queries sent to Bing.  When you see the web page, think of a … Continue reading

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