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Free Microsoft Enterprise Training

I keep hearing that people don’t have the ability to leave their office for computer training – or because of lack of time, wish they could train “on-demand”.   So here’s Microsoft’s On-Demand Web Based Training! “Learn how to become … Continue reading

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FREE Microsoft Windows Software

  This post has been retired — and has been updated here!   WINDOWS  XP 3 Degrees connects people into a small group, so you can do fun things together. Throw animations to each others’ desktops with winks. Listen together … Continue reading

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Excel 12

OK, I promised that I’m not going to do any more pre-pre-beta-release reviews. But I’ve GOT to tell you about ONE new feature in the upcoming version of Excel 12.   Microsoft’s common question regarding Excel is: "When are you going … Continue reading

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Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety

  With statistics like: “1 in 5 children are sexually solicited/approached over the Internet in a one-year period of time” and “20% of violent offenders service in state prisons reported having victimized a child” this obviously is not something that … Continue reading

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Knews: Microsoft versus Google

My Mac loving buddy Dub el Gee forwarded this recent CNET Article on Microsoft’s fierce competition with Google.   There’s no question that in 1997, Microsoft could not have foreseen that a student “search engine” project at Stanford would become … Continue reading

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Google: Finding the Good Stuff

Sure Google is a great place to find things on the Internet. But choosing the proper keywords is only the first step to the Road to Know Where.   SPEELING DOESN’T MATTER: Google will offer to correct your spelling. In … Continue reading

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How to Disable CTRL+ENTER Send Mail Shortcut II

Well I think I’ve survived my first blogging mistake!    I posted a solution for resolving the pesky Ctrl+Enter problem of mistakenly sending an email within Outlook.   I found a hack on Allister Frost’s Microsoft  site in the UK — I tried it … Continue reading

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