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Wow in only one month, my weblog has grown to include people outside my circle of clients, family and friends – and more recently linked on the Technorati and Feedster search/rating websites!   I’m glad people appreciate my “CliffsNotes” style … Continue reading

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Konfabulator’s Widgets

My Mac buddy Greg was asking about my cool little widgets on my computer’s desktop. Originally, he thought only the Mac had widgets; he was surprised that “Windows” had them too!   He asked why I hadn’t written about these … Continue reading

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OK I would hope that even Microsoft would agree that the MS-Paint program included with Windows is a lttle weak. And once you complain, people instantly say — you’ve got to purchase Photoshop! (As if there’s no middle ground!)   … Continue reading

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Tabbed Browsing

Ever since the open-source world introduced us to tabbed browsing’s convenient method of having multiple windows open simultaneously — we’ve known the Microsoft would someday add this feature.   Since Windows Vista’s version of Internet Explorer (MSIE 7.0) has this feature, it’s safe … Continue reading

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BlackViper is Back!

Without a doubt THE best website that covers all aspects of configuring Windows! Please take the time and bookmark this website!

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New Google Talk

Google has released their new Instant Messanger (IM) program called "Google Talk" — gee great yet another IM program for Trillian to add to their program! ha ha   Google Talk is free to mobile phone users, but desktop users require … Continue reading

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I ♥ Spyware!

Removing and preventing Spyware has (unfortunately) been very lucrative for most consultants (OK, me). The crux of most users’ problems is that the programs are not updated and the default settings for these programs do NOT scan for all possible … Continue reading

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Order Your XBox 360 Now and Save! :-)

Oh my — this won’t be cheap!   The "core" XBox 360 bundle is not acceptable — you obvcoiusly want the hard drive, better video & audio, along with Ethernet blah blah blah.   Getting the "Ultimate" XBox 360? — $700 Still getting fragged by your … Continue reading

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Where in the World?

We first began with the most basic of maps: Yahoo Maps: Maps:   MSN got “fancy” and gave us the Encarta Maps   Then NASA gave us the World Wind Project, which showed what a true virtual … Continue reading

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DVD-Shrink is Gone! (Ya right)

Probably the best (free) program for removing movie DVD encryption for "archiving" to your computer’s hard disk for future burning is DVD-Shrink — but they are now no longer in business! 😦   But thankfully you can still find it mirrored … Continue reading

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