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Stupid Microsoft Outlook Tricks

I’m sure David Letterman would be proud of this Stupid Outlook Trick!  🙂  Create a new Sticky Note – from the File pull-down menu, select New followed by Note Type some quick text in the Sticky Note Drag the Sticky … Continue reading

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New Clear Cache feature for Internet Explorer

Clear Cache feature for Internet Explorer  – This program intended to automatically delete all temporary Internet files, cookies, and history files when it is installed and executed. The program was developed to programmatically clear these files when a corrupt entry … Continue reading

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Latest Microsoft Hardware Drivers

Even though you won’t find these files listed in the Download section at Microsoft – the latest versions are listed here, with links directly from Microsoft’s site. Huh?    Updated! IntelliPoint 5.5 Mouse & Trackball Software for Windows 2000/XP, Windows … Continue reading

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21 “Best-Of” Word Tips

  PASTING TEXT COPIED FROM THE INTERNET Sometimes when you paste text from a website, it can be embedded with formatting that you do not want. Instead of simply Pasting the text into Word, from the Edit pull-down menu, select … Continue reading

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Ultimate Christmas Light Display

This home decorator is in a technical league all their own – you simply need to see this to believe it!     Happy Holidays!  

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FREE Microsoft PC Games

  Yes, Microsoft’s Xbox is a great gaming console – but let’s not forget the many Microsoft Games software available for the PC.  Many games can be played as a free downloaded demo:  Game Voice Share – Talk strategy to … Continue reading

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In Defense of Wikipedia

A recent blog exchange with Microsoft’s Alfred Thompson inspired me to write about Wikipedia and the future of collaborative document creation.   Stories have been told on painted caves, chiseled stone, clay and wax tablets, papyrus scrolls, and bound books – but stories … Continue reading

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FREE Microsoft FolderShare Software

Microsoft new free FolderShare service allows you to create a private peer-to-peer network, synchronize your files across multiple devices, and access or share files with colleagues and friends.   You no longer need to send large files via email, burn … Continue reading

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FREE Microsoft Software for Tablet PC

While Tablet PCs can take advantage of all Microsoft’s free Windows, Research and Office software; there’s a great deal of free Microsoft software designed specifically for the Tablet PC.    EXPANSION PACKS  Education Pack includes five programs to help you excel … Continue reading

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How to Use Windows XP’s Password Reset Disk

Because today’s passwords are more complex; if you forget your password you can use the Forgotten Password Reset Wizard to gain access to your computer.    Computers not on a Domain (Average Windows XP Users)  STEP ONE: Create the Password … Continue reading

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