Microsoft’s Tag “Out of Beta” with Over 1 Billion Served & Lots More Free Resources

Microsoft Tag lets you seamlessly connect almost anything in the real world to interactive experiences from your mobile phone. Consumers can scan a Tag anywhere and engage at the maximum point of impact using the device that is central to their daily lives: the mobile phone. Today, customers demand quality, customization, and quick access to information about products and services. With Microsoft Tag you can deliver above and beyond these expectations while building your brand, connecting sales channels, increasing customer satisfaction, and driving more business. Tag can add a new layer of interactivity to your marketing efforts, bridging the brick-and-mortar experience to the infinite possibilities of the digital world.
Download Microsoft Tag:
Mobile –>
Microsoft Tag Case Studies – Learn how businesses are using Microsoft Tag to enhance their marketing campaigns:
    • Digiturk provides television, radio, and interactive digital music programming to millions of customers around the world. Its monthly media and entertainment guide reaches 2.5 million subscribers and regularly exceeds 300,000 copies in sales. To connect the magazine with its extensive digital offerings, Digiturk has adopted Microsoft® Tag, which is helping it to provide more compelling experiences for readers and is garnering thousands in additional advertising revenue.
    • Get Married Media is integrating its expertise and proficiency in TV and Internet production with a new print publication, Get Married magazine. By creating a “bridge” between the magazine and Get Married’s TV and online offerings, Microsoft® Tag is helping Get Married and its advertisers reach savvy brides and industry watchers in compelling ways.
    • Turkish newspaper Hürriyet wanted to add value to the daily print publication by tapping into 3G Internet technologies. It was therefore excited to learn about the mobile interactivity provided by Microsoft Tag, which is helping the paper engage youths and Internet news portal readers, generating added interest among the paper’s print advertisers, and changing the traditional view of what a newspaper can be and do.
    • Italian phone directory publisher PAGINE Si! to offer its advertisers innovative and engaging ways to reach consumers at the moment they’re most receptive and using the mobile device that’s central to their lives. The company is adding value to traditional yellow pages ads by offering ads with Tags, and it will even build new – or customize existing – mobile Web site landing pages for advertisers who include a Tag in their ads.
Microsoft Tag Data Sheets – Data sheets outlining various ways that Microsoft Tag can be used by Industries to enhance their marketing solutions:
Additional Microsoft Tag Resoures:
Microsoft Tag Implementation Guidelines – Follow these guidelines to create and print Microsoft Tags, including custom Tags and best practices.
Microsoft Tag and Mobile Device IDs – Microsoft Tag allows a Tag creator to be able to identify users across multiple scan sessions, by tracking a mobile user’s device. This document explains how this works and how to enable it for your Tags. 
Rendering Microsoft Tags in the .tag File Format provides a hexadecimal code for the Tag that you can use to programmatically generate your Tag in other applications. This document explains how to interpret the hexadecimal encoding of a Tag using the .tag format.

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