“Un-Official” List of Microsoft Twitter Feeds

While you can follow Microsoft’s main Twitter feed at @Microsoft — there’s also many specific Microsoft products & teams on Twitter too! (Thanks Sarah & Olen
Products and Services: 
@BillGates – Bill Gates

@Bing – Bing Search
@BingCashback – Bing Cashback
@BizSpark – Microsoft BizSpark
@Docs4FB – Microsoft Office Documents for Facebook
@EBSblog – Windows Essential Business Server Team
@WindowsEBS – Windows Essential Business Server Product Team
@FixIt4Me – Microsoft Fix It
@ie – Internet Explorer
@Live_at_Edu – Microsoft Live@edu
@LiveFramework – Windows Live Framework
@LiveMesh – Windows Live Mesh
@MicrosftHelps – Customer Support
@MicrosoftTag – Microsoft Tag
@Microsoft_Xbox – Xbox
@MSaccess – Microsoft Access
@msfthardware – Microsoft Hardware Team
@MSFTExchange – Microsoft Exchange Server Team
@MSFTProject – Microsoft Project 
@MSFTSecResponse – Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC)
@MS_Forefront – Microsoft Forefront
@MSMyPhone – Microsoft My Phone Team
@MSLearningCurve – MS Partner Training
@MSOfficeResKit – Microsoft Office Resource Kit Team
@MSRetail  – Microsoft Retail Industry Team
@MSSurface – Microsoft Surface
@MSWindows – Microsoft Windows
@Office_Live – Office Live Team
@OfficeLabs – Microsoft Office Labs
@OfficeForMac Mac Office Team
@SBSblog – Small Business Server Support & Product Group
@WindowsSBS – Windows Small Business Server Product Team
@SharePoint – SharePoint
@SysCtrOpalis – System Center Opalis Team
@VSDeveloper – Visual Studio Product Group
@WinHomeServer – Windows Home Server Product Team
@WindowsLive – Microsoft Windows Live
@WindowsMobile – Windows Mobile
@WindowsPhone – Windows Phone
@WinSrv – Windows Server User Assistance (UA) Group
@WLMessenger – Windows Live Messenger
@WMDev – Windows Mobile Developers
@WP7Dev – Windows Phone 7 Developer Experience Team
@Zune – Zune Team
@ZuneMarketplace – Zune Marketplace  
Blogs & Web Community: 
@AskTechNetUK – TechNet UK
@Ch8 – Channel 8
@Ch9 – Channel 9
@Ch10 – Channel 10
@CodePlex – Microsoft’s CodePlex Open-Souce Project
@MajorNelson – Major Nelson, a.k.a. Larry Hryb of the Xbox 360 Team
@MIX09 – The MIX09 Conference (see also @MIX07 & @MIX08)
@MixOnline – Mix Online
@MSExpression – Microsoft Expression Community
@TNEdge – TechNet Edge
@XNACommunity – XNA Creators Club
@ZuneInsider – Zune Insider Blog 
Microsoft Corporation: 
@adCenterBlog – Microsoft adCenter
@Microsoft_EDU – Microsoft EDU
@Microsoft_Green – Green Microsoft
@MicrosoftPress – Microsoft Press
@MicrosoftStore – The Microsoft Store
@MicrosoftUP – Microsoft Unlimited Potential
@MicrsftTech4All – Microsoft Accessibility Team
@MVPAwardProgram – MVP Award Program
@MSAdvertising – Microsoft Advertising
@MSFTResearch – Microsoft Research
@MSLearning – Microsoft Learning
@MSPartner – Microsofti Partner Program
@MSRobotics – Microsoft Robotics  
@ContinuumShow – Microsoft Client Continuum
@ProjectRosetta – From Flash to Silverlight

About blakehandler

BLAKE was a Microsoft MVP and award winning programmer with over 20+ years experience providing complete Windows and networking support for small to medium sized businesses. BLAKE is also Jazz Musician and Instructor for residential clients on the Los Angeles West Side.
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