Microsoft’s Channel 10 Recommends Three Free Programs for Tweaking Windows Vista

Actually, Microsoft recommended 5 programs — but only 3 were free (^_^)
Vispa allows you to easily tweak your Windows Vista for better privacy and security, even system performance. Do a few clicks rather than finding the write registry keys or program settings.
NOTE: Vispa is no tool for beginners, just a more convenient way of tweaking your operating system. Do not apply settings without vague knowledge of what you’re doing. Not every setting is desired in every environment.
VistaTweaker is a complete tweaking utility designed for windows vista. Has software, performance, usability and other kinds of tweaks to improve the overall Vista experience. It’s easy to use and provides descriptions for every tweak and setting.
XdN Tweaker – Program Features:
    • Changes the number of Folder views Windows saves.
    • Resets the folder views Windows has saved.
    • Add/Remove classic Windows 2000 user control panel icon.
    • Disable/Enable ATI Catalyst Control Center right click on Desktop (only for use if you have an ATI video card and have the Catalyst Control Center installed).
    • Disable/Enable ‘SendTo’ right-click menu.
    • Allows you to adjust and tweak TCP/IP settings.
    • Disable/Enable ZipFolders.
    • Disable/Enable the Outlook Express/Windows Mail splash screen.
    • Put the File menu above the Back/Forward buttons in IE7.
    • Remove or Replace the Search box in IE7.
    • Disable/Enable User Account Control prompts under Vista.
    • Disable/Enable the “- Shortcut” text under Vista.
    • Attempt to force Vista to better save folder views.
    • Disable/Enable Windows Media Player Explorer context menus.
    • Add/Remove “Take Ownership” to right-click menus under Vista.
    • Disable/Enable the Documents item on the Classic Start Menu.
    • Changes “Delete” to “Search…” on Recycle Bin.
    • Turn off the annoying full screen “black” UAC prompt.
    • Add/Remove the Network Connections icon to Control Panel

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BLAKE was a Microsoft MVP and award winning programmer with over 20+ years experience providing complete Windows and networking support for small to medium sized businesses. BLAKE is also Jazz Musician and Instructor for residential clients on the Los Angeles West Side.
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