Ultimate List of Free Microsoft Office 2007 Software & Resources

Administrative Templates for system programs
Best Practices Analyzer programmatically collects settings and values, creating detailed reports helping achieve greater performance, scalability, and uptime.
Captions Language Interface Pack translation solution using tooltip captions to display results. (Code Cultures)
Community Clips recorder for creating help videos
Creative Commons Add-in embeds a Creative Commons license into a Word, PowerPoint, or Excel document.
Deploying & Managing Office 2007 in the Enterprise provides information to design, customize, and deploy Office 2007
Equation Number Manager supplements built-in equation editor & bibliography manager
Help Tab links to online training tailored to new users
    • Educators create effective instructional resources, complete administrative tasks, and implement new teaching strategies
    • Students use templates with project assistance to coach them through a variety of assignments
Live Meeting 2007 Add-in performs conferencing tasks directly from Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio
Microsoft Translator Add-in translates words, sentences or a full document
Office Live Add-in  installs menu options to Open & Save documents located in Office Live Workspace directly from Word, Excel, & PowerPoint
Office Update Inventory Tool checks computer(s) for the status of Office updates
Open XML Format converters Administrative Template for modifing the default behavior of the Word, Excel, & PowerPoint 2007 Open XML Format converters. (KB926054)
OpenXML/ODF Translator Add-in opens and saves OpenDocument format (ODF) files; along with a command line translator providing batch conversions
Open XML Theme Builder simplified user interface for creating custom XML themes, defining the look and feel of documents created within PowerPoint, Excel, & Word
"Save as" PDF & XPS Add- in exports & saves to PDF / XPS formats. It also allows sending email attachment in the PDF / XPS formats in a subset of these programs. (PDF & XPS components available separately)
Search Commands add-in helps find commands, options, wizards and galleries in Word, Excel & PowerPoint
SQL Data Mining Add-ins – Excel Table Analysis Tools & Data Mining Client, & Visio Data Mining Templates
Stockxpert professional, royalty-free, high-res JPG images available for purchase either per image or subscription. (From MSDN)
Storyboard Designer – diagram (model) and generate documentation for a storyboard scenario
Theme Builder creates "consistent look" document themes.
Works 6–9 File Converter open, edit, and save files in the Microsoft Works file format versions 6, 7, 8, & 9
ACCESS 2007 
Access Developer Extensions to deploy & manage solutions built on Access
Access Runtime distribute applications to users without a full version of Access
Marketing Projects Sample Database tracks time-sensitive deliverables & vendor status for projects
Sample Database Templates for Personal, Business, & Education
EXCEL 2007
Chart Advisor provides an alternate approach for creating charts based on predefined rules
Financial Calculators for home mortgage, home equity, auto loan, 401K, simple loan, savings, credit card payoff, & mortgage payments
NodeXL template for viewing and analyzing network graphs
OLAP PivotTable Extensions extends the functionality of PivotTables on Analysis Services cubes. (From TechNet)
Synchronizing Tables with SharePoint Lists Add-in synchronizes data in a table with a list on a SharePoint site
Treemapper Add-in generates a treemap visualization of any hierarchical data in Excel, or from a CSV or XML file. Based on the Data Visualization Components from the Treemapper Group.
Web Data Add-In captures Web pages as a data source
XLL Software Development Kit contains conceptual overviews, programming tasks, and sample projects to guide you in developing Excel 2007 XLLs.
Calendar Add-in gives a view of all of your notes, allowing viewing by when they were created or modified. A preview pane allows you to view your notes. (From MSDN & MSDN)
Calendar/Planner Powertoy create’s a custom calendar, by selecting a start date and # of days
Canvas – navigate & edit notebooks by providing a high-level canvas-view of all your content
Favorites PowerToy 1 or 2 works like Internet Explorer’s “favorites” by saving the paths and locations of your OneNote Notebooks. (From MSDN & MSDN)
Image Rotator PowerToy rotates ink or drawings
Learning Styles Pamphlet provides an overview of how educators can use OneNote to complement students’ learning styles in the classroom
MakeSubpage PowerToy takes the the currently selected page(s) and makes them a subpage(s). (From MSDN)
Media Fine Tuner Powertoy for taking notes while recording audio, allows "moving" the start time of the notes you typed and aligning them with "where" in the audio you want the note to play
Merge Pages PowerToy merges selected pages together by "selecting the pages you want to merge and click the merge toolbar button."  (From MSDN)
Notebook Cleaner & Privatizer PowerToy prepares a "shared" notebook for distribution
Printout Manager take slides decks printed to OneNote and break them up into one slide per page
Outlook To OneNote PowerToy adds the capability of sending yourself email with a certain SUBJECT keyword and have Outlook automatically create a new page in OneNote’s Unfiled Notes section when that mail item arrives. Outlook then deletes the email
ReadOnly Selection Add-in makes the currently selected section ReadOnly
Send to Mobile sends selected pages from different OneNote notebooks to your Mobile device
Send to OneNote – RightClick file(s) s& elect "Send To OneNote”
Sudoku  (game)
Table of Contents PowerToy creates list of most recently changed pages
Table Sum Powertoy sums columns of a table & adds new row to the bottom (ignoring non-numeric values)
Task Requests from OneNote Meeting Notes Powertoy assigns Outlook tasks to others during meetings
Template Manager Powertoy manages your customized OneNote templates
TextImporter PowerToy – navigate to a folder and import all the TXT files. It creates a new section with the name of the folder, as the section name
THE PowerToy (Text, Highlighted, Extractor) – highlighted text from the current page is copied to a new page.
Web Exporter Plug- in exports OneNote notebooks as an interactive web site
Word Count counts the number of words on a page
AutoArchive Add-in to help getting to "Inbox Zero"
Business Contact Manager: Database Admin Tool allows hosting the database on a computer on which Business Contact Manager is not installed
Business Contact Manager for: Smart Phones & Pocket PCs synchronizes business contacts and a subset of your communication history to Windows Mobile 5 & 6 Pocket PC devices
Calendar Printing Assistant for printing & customizing calendar information
ClearContext Personal Add-in to organize & manage your email (From MSDN)
Communicator Add in – view & interact contact lists from Office Communicator 2007
Defrost Outlook helps troubleshoot "freezing" issues
Email Loss-Detection Add-in address the problem of email loss by alerting users of email sent to them that has been delayed or lost
Email to Appointment Macro creates an appointment from an email message
Email Prioritizer helps manage email overload with a “do not disturb” button
FBLook integrates Facebook into Outlook allowing updating your Facebook status, see your friend statuses and see the number of new requests without opening the browser or any other applications. (From MSDN)
FedEx QuickShip Toolbar creates & tracks shipments, get rates, schedule pickups, and locates the closest FedEx location. (From 10.Net)
Flickr4Outlook – directly access your Flickr services and insert images into your email
Forgotten Attachment Detector prompts for outgoing emails with missing attached files
HTML and CSS Validator checks for valid/supported HTML before sending HTML-based e-mail
Junk Email Reporting Tool reports junk email to Microsoft to help improve the effectiveness of their filtering technologies
MapLook Add-in shows the addresses of contacts in Google Maps or Microsoft Virtual Earth
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online enables access to the same data through Outlook as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
MultiMap Add-in allows fast and simple insertion of maps to meetings, contacts and emails. (From MSDN)
Outlook Mobile Manager prioritizes messages and makes smart decisions about "when" to send email. OMM also sends calendar reminders, task reminders, and an Outlook Today style daily summary all to your wireless device
OutTwit Add-in integrates sending & receiving messages directly to Twitter. (From Channel 10 & MSDN)
Personal Folders Backup creates backup copies of your .PST files at regular intervals. (Support Docs 2007 Compatibility, How to, & Troubleshooting)
Pro Photo Shoot Add-in allows photographers to add details of the client & equipment for a photo shoot appointment in Outlook.  (Never Forget a Lens Again)
RemindMe Add-in sends email (with location & meeting subject) whenever a reminder is shown
SMS Add-in enables sending SMS text messages through most GSM mobile phones connected to your PC
Snip IT emails selected text in Internet Explorer to "any" email client (Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook & Yahool)
Thread Compressor removes unnecessary emails, and leaves the original intact, so you can keep the last mail in each branch of a thread, and remove all the others
TwInbox – Twitter Add-in
Xobni Add-in helps you search and organize your inbox
pptPlex tour slides as a zoomable canvas tour.
VISIO 2007
Active Directory Topology Diagrammer reads Active Directory configurations using ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), and then automatically generates a Visio diagram of your Active Directory and /or your Exchange 200x Server topology.
Educational Shapes for Chemistry, Mathematics, & Physics
Exchange Server diagrams an Exchange Server site topology, including sites, servers, and connections for an organization
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer lets you view the results of an MBSA scan in a clear, comprehensive Visio 2007 network diagram
Near Real Time Monitoring of Disk Space displays the results of server monitoring. This enables integration with the service management solution SCOM 2007. The connector helps to view the results of monitoring servers as a clear, comprehensive Visio network diagram
Rack Server Virtualization provides the capability to pull the rack-server data from Excel or user
SQL Servers is a tool for IT administrators who require constant interactions with the users for the installations of the SQL server in any IT infrastructure. (Users Guide)
System Center (SCOM & SCCM) Add-In allows IT professionals to visualize data from the System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) by generating the diagrams for each machine configured for it. The Add-In allows filtering of data, automatic generation of diagrams and an automatic refresh of the associated data.  (System Center-User Guide PDF)
Export To XAML Add- in creates XAML directly without being forced to compiling the source. (From MSDN)
IconSet Builder provides custom Icon Sets used in Data Graphics diagrams. Upload your images, then copy the resulting shape into your diagram or template
Helper Add-in Tool simplifies automating common Visio tasks
Software & Database Shapes for Visio Standard: Express-G, Object Role Modeling (ORM), Jackson, and Real-Time Object-Oriented Modeling (ROOM) notations.
Stencil Containing Shapes for Exchange Server 2007 Icons for Exchange 2007 server roles, networking, telephony and Unified Messaging objects, Active Directory and directory service objects, client computers and devices, and other Exchange organization elements.
Stencils for Sharepoint 2007 used for creating SharePoint Site Structures and architecture
    • VisiClean – Removes unused masters to help reduce .VSD file size
    • VisiExam – Examine Visio diagrams for inconsistencies and errors, and fix them automatically
    • VisiNotes – Adds 3 long text note fields to each of your shapes 
  • Audit Process – Cross Functional Flowchart template enables users to create data linked dynamic drawings
  • Business Travel Plan illustrates the critical information for business travel including flights, hotels, & car rentals
Classroom Seating Chart shows several classroom workspace set-ups, and stores important student information with each shape
High School Curriculum Plan designed to assist with planning a goal-driven integrated curriculum
Historical Cause & Effect shows an example of the events that result in a single effect. Causes are arranged in categories resulting in a depiction of relationships and hierarchy of events
Periodic Table of the Elements – the elements with a color legend
School Calendar – school related events are posted; teachers customize the calendar posting classroom related events and deadlines
United States Map Stencil – 50 states & whole U.S. shapes
  • Factory Floor Assembly Plan follows the path of a product being manufactured.  The work flows from the machine shop to the pre-paint area, to the paint shop & finally to the packaging station
  • Fault Tree Analysis – FTA diagrams are used to provide a graphical representation of the events that might lead to a failure so that the failure can be prevented
  • Help Desk Flow – Call volumes, wait times, & resolution rates are tracked at each point in the process.  The diagram flows from left to right & top to bottom.  Not every caller will experience each of the steps, if a problem is resolved by a Level 1 technician, then the caller does not progress to the Level 2 technician.
  • HVAC Controls – Simple Heating, Ventilation, & Air-conditioning control diagram
  • Insurance Claims by State – map of the US with the individual states shaded to represent insurance losses for the previous year
  • Investment Analysis Report – Year to date summary of the funds in the account covering account balances and performance, & comparing it to S&P 500 returns
  • Loan Consolidation Process – Shows overall status & details of each department
  • Military Organization Chart details commanding officers and their direct reports including: information of name and title. (Stencil Military Uniforms Samples)  
  • Network Equipment Rack – Server room floor plan showing locations of the equipment racks & room locations of computer equipment.  Corresponding pages show a front view of the network equipment racks & details of the computers on the racks
Emcor Enclosures Shapes
Juniper Networks Shapes
  • Office Communications Server 2007 Stencil – icons for server roles & components to create diagrams of Office Communications Server topologies
  • Office Move Plan – Provides a timeline, PERT charts, Gantt charts, a layout of the new office space & an inventory report to ensure items end up in their correct locations on moving day
  • Office Space Planning – Overhead view of an office layout.  Each office & cubical is shown with detailed information on the occupant: Office #, Occupant, Department, Title & Phone
  • PC Assembly Process Flow shows parts of the PC being assembled.  The boxes of a standard flowchart have been replaced with the detailed PC parts to show manufacturing companies can replace the boxes with parts diagrams
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Pivot Diagrams creates data linked dynamic drawings
  • Spider Chart used by management consultants to show clients how an organization compares with those in similar companies
  • Supply Chain Analysis shows part of the Supply Chain of a motorcycle manufacture used to analyze the costs & time associated with shipping parts & sub assemblies between suppliers & manufactures
  • Value Stream Mapping – Review a value steam map for the fictional KSoda company (i.e. shows # of shifts, uptime, & inventory hours each process has.)
  • WBS Modeler improves the project planning process by generating Project Plans from a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) using a graphical representation of elements
WORD 2007
Article Authoring used to enhance the authoring of scientific & technical articles, including support for the National Library of Medicine XML format
Audio Control Macro controls audio via keystrokes & ribbon toolbar icons
AutoHistory provides a local history for documents
Baseball Add-in tracks games right inside the home tab of the Word Ribbon, showing the score, inning, & base situation for games in progress, by pulling data from a MSN sports web service. (From MSDN)
Bibliography Style Sheets for an IEEE formatted bibliography
BibWord Extender for BibWord bibliography style templates
Chemistry Add-in tool for the authoring and rendering of semantically rich chemistry information in Word 2007 documents.
Databinding Toolkit stores custom XML parts & create data-bound content controls. (From MSDN)
Flickr4Word directly access Flickr services
Math Add-in adds computational and graphing capabilities to the Equation Tools Word Ribbon
MathML Stylesheet creates HTML documents with embedded MathML as well as OMML (From MSDN)
Math Worksheet Generator creates a worksheet of practice problems.
Ontology Recognition "solution accelerator" works in two ways: background scanning & direct tagging
Open XML Translator provides a bridge between the Open XML Formats and Open Document Format (ODF) to Open & Save ODF documents in Word
Open XML to DAISY XML Translator translates from Office Open XML to DAISY XML format
Redaction Add-in allows marking sections of documents for redaction (marked text is replaced with a black bar that cannot be converted back to text)
UOF Add- in provides interoperability between the UOF & Open XML formats in both directions; benefiting millions of people who live in China
XAML Generator add-in converts the Office Open XML (WordprocessingML) to XAML
Data Connectivity Components Driver allows non-Microsoft Office applications to read data from Office 2007 system files such as Access (mdb and accdb) files & Excel (xls, xlsx, and xlsb) files. Connectivity to SharePoint Services and Text files is also supported.  
Icons Gallery Add-In – this Excel worksheet adds a group to the developer tab with icon galleries of built-in icons available for reuse in your solutions
IMsoDocExporter Header File enables use of the IMsoDocExporter, exposing document data (rendering & document structure) used by the "Save as PDF" & "Save as XPS" Office 2007 add-ins. Provided for developers to test this interface to provide alternate add-ins for PDF or XPS or to provide an add-in for some other fixed-format document format. (From MSDN)

LINQPad interactively query SQL databases in a modern query language. (From MSDN)

OPML Blogger’s List: Office 2007 Development Bloggers or use in RSS feeds (60+ Office-related blogs)
Outlook 2007 Auxiliary Reference Code Samples & Redistributable Installer accompanies the Auxiliary Reference documentation. It contains 3 sample projects: a header file, & a redistributable installer that 3rd-party calendar rebasing tools can use to programmatically update calendars displayed incorrectly due to Daylight Saving Time.
Outlook 2007 Sample Add-ins: Rules, Travel Agency, & Prepare for Meeting – 3 samples in both C# & Visual Basic .NET versions demonstrating many new & enhanced features of the Outlook object model. (From MSDN)
Outlook 2007 Sample Add-in: Ribbon Extensibility is available in both Visual C# & Visual Basic .NET versions, is a learning tool to understand how to customize the Ribbon for Outlook Inspector windows. (From MSDN)
Office 2007 Security Guide provides prescriptive Group Policy setting & security configuration recommendations to help strengthen the security of computers
Setting Up a Development Environment includes 4 code samples used with the MSDN Article.
Software Development Kits: documentation, code samples, "How to" articles, & programming references to customize & integrate with Office 2007 programs with other applications for enterprise project management
SQL Server 2005 "Data Mining" Add-ins takes advantage of SQL Server 2005 predictive analytics in Excel 2007 & Visio 2007. (ReadMeData Mining Community)
    • Table Analysis Tools Add-in for Excel provides tasks that leverage SQL Server 2005 Data Mining under the covers to perform powerful analytics on your spreadsheet data
    • Data Mining Client Add-in for Excel allows full data mining model development lifecycle within Excel 2007 using either spreadsheet data or external data accessible through SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services instance
    • Data Mining Templates Add-in for Visio – render & share mining models as annotatable Visio 2007 drawings
Visual Studio Code Snippets for the Office Fluent UI includes Visual Basic and C# code snippets for use when customizing Excel, PowerPoint, & Word.
Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Office 2007 System creates new application-level add-ins for the Office 2007 system. Use managed code to customize task panes and the Ribbon in the Office 2007 system applications.
Visual Studio Tools for the Office System Power Tools – developer tools that provide additional functionality useful in Office-based development.
Access 2007 Snapshot Viewer – view report snapshots without the standard or run-time versions of Access 97 – 2007
PowerPoint 2007 Viewer – view full-featured presentations created in PowerPoint 97 – 2007
Visio 2007 Viewer – view drawings & diagrams created with Visio 5.0 – 2007  (visViewer – Visio Viewer Wrapper)
Word 2007 Viewer – View, print & copy Word documents, without Word installed

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    Thanks for all your hard work. It is much appreciated.

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    ( I had lost my cds and thought that by saving program in external drive will keep me from loosing it)

  7. Blake says:

    Sorry Francisco – but you can not "move" Microsoft Office from one computer to another. (OK, I have heard of people ghosting their computer etc.) — but I don’t think this is an option for you.

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    To all those who are looking for a free Microsoft Office download: I think many readers may be confused by the phrase in the title “…Free Microsoft Office 2007 Software…”. Guys, think of this list as “Free Software to SUPPLEMENT Office 2007.” Sorry to break it to everyone.

    Me, I’d love to find a similar article listing helpful add-ons & templates etc. for Office 2003, which I have an authorized version of.

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