Ultimate List of Free Microsoft Office 2003 Software & Resources

150 Free Windows programs was the first in the series of "Ultimate List of Free Software from Microsoft" — this second "Ultimate List" covers over 150 pieces of software, add-ins and templates for Microsoft Office.
Desktop Language Settings allows you to identify and change language, keyboard, and regional settings for Windows, Internet Explorer, and Office programs with a single tool.
Creative Commons Add-in for Office enables you to embed a Creative Commons license into a document created by: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. With a Creative Commons license, authors can express their intentions regarding how their works may be used by others.
Enterprise Setup replacement of the Microsoft Office 2003 setup.exe file for administrators who plan to deploy Office 2003 with Local Installation Source (LIS) enabled.
File Converter Pack provides file converters and image filters for older or seldom used program formats.
Font properties extension adds several new property tabs to the fonts dialog box.
Learning Essentials is a free add-in for schools, transforms familiar applications into customized tools for teaching and learning. Curriculum-based toolbars, templates, project assistance, and tutorials from leading publishers help students and teachers to do their best work. (Supporting Software: Content Development Kit (CDK))
Office Live Add-in installs a toolbar in Microsoft Office XP & 2003. You will be able to Open & Save documents located in Office Live Workspace directly from Microsoft Office Word, Office Excel, and Office PowerPoint.
Office Web Parts and Components is a collection of Web Parts, Web Part Page solutions, templates, and data retrieval services that work closely with Office 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services 2.0. (For Office XP)
Office 2007 Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats – Open, edit, and save documents, workbooks, and presentations in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 file formats.
Remove Hidden Data  permanently remove hidden and collaboration data, such as change tracking and comments, from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with documentation. (Or you may have the same problem as pharmaceutical company Merck! 🙂
Resource Kit Tools 2000XP,  &  2003 for those deploying Microsoft Office in a corporate environment.
Sounds add sounds to have fun audio cues play as you work with Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word.
Stock Actions for the Research Task Pane allows you to insert stock quote information from the MSN Money Stock Quotes service into Word & Excel.
Web Components are a collection of Component Object Model (COM) controls for publishing spreadsheets, charts, and databases to the Web. (For Office XP)
Windows Rights Manangment Services (RMS) Client (SP2) is required for your computer to run applications that provide functionality based on Windows RMS technologies. (IA64 Version)
Work smarter using the 2003 Microsoft Office system and Windows XP – These simple, easy-to-use customizable job aids created by Microsoft IT help employees get started with something new, learn more about using a technology or product effectively, select the right product or service, or review best practices.
Works 6–9 File Converter allows you to open, edit, and save files in the Microsoft Works Word Processor file format supported by the Works versions 6, 7, 8, and 9.
XML Date and Phone Number Smart Tags recognize most date and phone number formats in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Software Developer Kits (SDK)
InfoPath 2003 SDK — Sample forms, tools, and documentation to assist with InfoPath 2003 form development and deployment.
Office 2003 Research Service SDK — Build information services that provide users with robust information sources, all from within Office applications.
Office 2003 Smart Document SDK — Develop custom solutions that use the smart document functionality introduced in the Microsoft Office System.
Office 2003 Smart Tag SDK — Use the documentation, tools, sample code, and XML schemas in this SDK when creating solutions that use smart tags.
SharePoint Products and Technologies 2003 SDK — Programming tasks, samples, references, and conceptual overviews for SharePoint Projects and Technologies.  
And of course, plenty of Free Clip Art, Templates, Fonts – and zillions of Calendars for the years  200520062007,  2008, &  2005-2014
Converter 2.0 Utility is used to convert files from the Access 2.0 file format. 
Links Add-in helps maintains your Excel data-link with Access
Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Add-in contains the SQL.REQUEST worksheet function, which can connect to an external database and return a query to the worksheet.
Report Manager Add-in allows you to combine Excel worksheets, views, and scenarios into reports that can then be printed.
XML Spreadsheet Add-in moves XML data seamlessly from Access 2002 to Excel
MSN Money Stock Quotes Add-in allows you to get dynamic stock quotes from the MSN Money Web site.
SharePoint Services Add-in for designing Excel 2003 Spreadsheet Web Parts, and save them to a SharePoint Services.
Statistical Analysis Toolpak performs statistical and regression analysis, while Solver Add-in uses Generalized Reduced Gradient (GRG2) nonlinear optimization code.
SQL Server Analysis Services Add-in enables users to access and analyze data from multiple Analysis Services Cubes, and to create rich, customized reports directly in Excel 2002 & 2003.
Treemapper Add-In  research tool allows a user to quickly and easily generate a treemap visualization of any hierarchical data in Excel, or from a CSV or XML file. Treemapper is based on the Data Visualization Components also available from this group.
XML Tools Add-in can provide information about a selected cell’s XML properties, create XSD files for XML maps, rename the Root and Row elements, or refresh all of the XML maps in a workbook at once. (Support Document: Using the Excel 2003 XML Tools Add-in)
XML Toolbox provide useful tools for working with XML in Excel with additional available help.
Excel Templates
1 Cool Menu FX Tool  is a 3rd party tool to adding animated buttons, expandable menus, floating navigation and other Flash animations.
bCentral Commerce Manager  is an add-in providing you with the tools you need to create, update, and manage a fully-powered e-commerce Web site.
Creating an RSS Feed  is sample code providing a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) solution to programmatically generate an RSS feed.
Database Troubleshooting Utility checks for the following items that may cause a Database Results Region page to fail: The absence of a Global.asa file, Whether the Global.asa file is running, Whether the Global.asa file is running outside of the Web, The absense of any database connections in the Web.
Fiddler is an HTTP Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet; and can inspected all HTTP Traffic, set breakpoints, and "fiddle" with incoming or outgoing data. Additional help is availble for debugging and performance.
Flashation Flash Menu Builder  is a 3rd party tool for adding Flash buttons and menus.
FrontLook Media Maker  is a 3rd party add-in makes publishing & creating CDs for use with the presentation viewer.
Help Publisher is a 3rd party add-in to create full-featured HTML help files.
Mobile HTML Optimizer is an add-in for versions 2000 & 2002 that can jumpstart your development of a WML (Wireless Markup Language) site by converting existing HTML (HyperText Markup Language) files created for a static Web site to WML format.
Page Margins is a 3rd party add-that helps the user easily set page margins that are compatible with both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.
Page Titles is a 3rd party add-in that changes page titles quickly and easily, individually and in-bulk.
Pre-publish is a 3rd party add-in that prompts you to save unsaved pages before your Web is published.
Windows Media Player Add-in enables users to embed the Windows Media Player control into websites.



My Font Tool converts your own handwriting into a TrueType font, making typed text appear as though you had written it by hand.
Send to OneNote from Internet Explorer is a PowerToy that allows you to send the contents of a Web page from Internet Explorer to a new OneNote page with the click of a button.
Send to OneNote from Outlook is a PowerToy that allows you to send e-mail messages to a OneNote from Outlook with the click of a button.
Send to OneNote from Word is a PowerToy written by Microsoft’s Brad Covelle
OneNote Templates
Calendar Views is an add-in that allows viewing your Calendar appointments through a filter that is based on Outlook labels and categories.
Business Contact Manager Add-in for Pocket PC: allows you to synchronize your business contacts and a subset of your communication history to your Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC.
FedEx QuickShip Toolbar: Create and track U.S. shipments, get rates, schedule pickups, and find the nearest staffed FedEx location. (Thanks Channel 10)
Holiday Update for Office XP provides holidays for the year 2006 through the year 2012.
Holiday Update for Office 2003 provides holidays for the year 2008 through the year 2012.
Junk E-mail Reporting Tool lets you directly report junk e-mail to Microsoft and its affiliates for analysis to help us improve the effectiveness of our junk e-mail filtering technologies.
Lookout provides lightning-fast search for your e-mail, files, and desktop from within Outlook!
Notes Connector enable access your e-mail messages, calendar, address book, and To Do (task) items on an IBM Lotus Domino Release 5.x or Release 6.x server.
Office Outlook Connector, you can use Outlook 2002(XP), 2003 or 2007 to access and manage your Windows Live Mail or Office Live Mail accounts, including e-mail messages, calendar, tasks, notes, and contacts.
Outlook Mobile Manager (OMM) brings the power of Microsoft Outlook to your portable device. OMM can prioritize your messages and makes smart decisions about when to send email. OMM also sends calendar reminders, task reminders, and an Outlook Today style daily summary all to your wireless device.
Oversized PST and OST Crop Tool used to resolve problems that can not be fixed using the Inbox Repair Tool due to the .pst or .ost files exceeding the 2 gigabyte (GB) size limitation. (Support Document: Troubleshooting Outlook)
Personal Folders Backup creates backup copies of your .PST files at regular intervals. (Support Documents: How to automatically backup your personal folders file in Outlook 2000/2003 & 2002/XP – KB910873 "The Backup command is missing from the File menu")
Pro Photo Shoot add-in allows photographers to add details of the client and equipment for a photo shoot appointment in Outlook. This allows photographers to greater leverage the power of Outlook when managing their photography. (Support: Never Forget a Lens Again)
SMS (MOSA) download will enable you to send SMS text messages through most GSM mobile phones connected to your PC.
SNARF, the Social Network and Relationship Finder filters and sorts Outlook e-mail based on the type of message and the user’s history with an e-mail correspondent. The result: a collection of alternative views of your e-mail that can help you make sense of the deluge. (Support Documents: Help Guide & Overview)
Snip IT Internet Explorer Add-on sends text selected in Internet Explorer as email. SnipIT can email selected text in Internet Explorer using your default (Google Gmail, Microsoft Hotmail & Outlook and Yahoo Mail) email client.
Thread Compressor macro compresses all mail messages from a specific conversation into a single mail message, thus reducing Inbox clutter and size.
Video E-mail uses a Web camera to send a video e-mail.
Windows Live Local Add-in enables you to add maps and directions to your Outlook meeting requests, calculate the travel distance between your start location and your appointment location, adjust your meeting departure time based on the estimated travel time, store custom locations, as well as print the map and step-by-step driving directions to take with you on the road. (Support Document: Read Me)
Multicast add-in for PowerPoint allows a presenter to multicast PowerPoint slides, including animations and effects, to a group of viewers.
Presentation Broadcast makes it easier to synchronize audio, video, slides, and images to deliver your presentations.
Producer makes it easier to synchronize audio, video, slides, and images to create engaging and effective rich-media presentations.
Report Presentation Add-in helps a user to quickly and easily create a presentation from a Project file. The tool extracts task information from the Project file and populates a template with the user-selected information. This add-in provides an effective, integrated means for project managers and other users to create presentations with real-time project data while avoiding redundant data entry and potential input errors. (Support Document: Read Me)
These samples allow PowerPoint 2002 to create an organization chart from a database of employees in Word and PowerPoint, or an animated presentation from a Word outline.
Templates Packs  12,  &  3 and even more Templates
Scrum Solution Starter is an Agile project management practice that employs short iterations and continuous improvement. The Scrum solution starter extends Microsoft Office Project Professional 2003 or Project Standard 2003 and enables project managers to perform basic Scrum work.
The Software Development Kit (SDK) is designed for solution providers, value-added resellers, and other developers to help customize Project 2003, and to extend and integrate Project Server 2003 with other applications for Enterprise Project Management. It features articles, programming references, tools, and sample code, including extensive articles called Solution Starters.
Template Creation Wizard add-in gives you the ability to create your own design templates incorporating custom backgrounds. This Wizard allows you to create new design templates using custom images as title master and slide master backgrounds.
Project Templates
20 Sample Diagrams related to support and sales demos.
IFilter is a component used by the Windows Indexing service and SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to extract text strings from Microsoft Visio files (.VSD, .VSS, .VST, .VDX, .VSX, and .VTX formats). The text strings are then indexed by these servers and the resulting indices are made available to several client applications that provide a user interface to search for text strings in files. These search clients include Visio 2003 Find Shape, Windows 2000 and Windows XP File Explorer search, Office 2003 search, Microsoft Windows SharePoint™ Services 2003 search, and SharePoint Portal Server search.
Software Development Kit (SDK) contains sample applications, code librarian code snippets, documentation, and tools, including the ShapeStudio, Event Monitor, Persistent Events, Print ShapeSheet, and Solution Publishing tools.
Resource Kit are tools used to support deployment of Visio.
Avery Wizard is a plug-in to Word XP, 2000, & 2003 and provides templates for hundreds of Avery laser and inkjet products. Use the Avery Wizard to print mailing labels, shipping labels, tab titles, Ready Index table of contents sheets, diskette labels, name badges, name tags, business cards, and tent cards.
Create Calendar in Word from Outlook 2000 Calendar Data The automated calendar template creates Outlook calendars in Word 97/2000. The template contains  macros that automatically take the data from Outlook 2000 and re-create your monthly calendar view in Word. After you use this template to re-create your calendar, you can print it, with or without weekends, in either portrait or landscape orientation. You can also modify the document.
Create a Presentation from Word easily convert your documents into PowerPoint presentations.
Equation Toolbar allows you to choose from more than 150 mathematical symbols.
Legal User’s Guide is a reference for legal professionals that describes features useful to the legal industry. (Previous Versions)
Microsoft Reader Add-In uses Word to create your own Microsoft Reader eBooks by converting new or existing Word documents, letting you benefit from the features and convenience of Microsoft Reader.
Word Redaction Add-in allows marking sections of Word 2003 documents for redaction. Create a new, redacted version of the document in which the marked text is replaced with a black bar that cannot be converted back to text.  (Support Document: Readme FileOnline Support).
The XSLT Inference Tool creates XSL Transformations (XSLT) that quickly transform XML files into WordprocessingML files with complex and rich formatting.
Word XML Software Developer Kit (SDK) online — Information and assistance for making the best use of the expanded XML features and support in Word 2003.
AND. . .if you don’t own Microsoft Office – you can always use the Microsoft Office Viewers:

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  1. Eva says:

    I think you forgot one. Visual Studio 2005 Express free for the first year.

  2. Blake says:

    Visual Studio Express Edition (and all of the Express Editions) as covered in the "Ultimate List of Windows Software" (the first link on this article)

  3. Rick says:

    Thanks for the links. Great stuffs!

  4. Unknown says:

    I need to know hoe I can down load windows xp2003

  5. Barb and Frank says:

    Useful and informative – thanks loads

  6. Unknown says:

    Hi, I’ve searched extensively for the incoming mail server for mobile msn email so I can use Outlook, but I can’t locate the info anywhere. Hoping you can help. I have a PPC running Windows Mobile 5.0 and my email is a @MSN.com. I sure appreciate your help. Thanks! jvbrandeis@msn.com

  7. khan says:

    is there is complete microsoft office 2003 or 2007 for free download

  8. Mallory says:

    aww please help me =(
    i know everyone has asked you this already but i want to download microsoft office for free…i dont even need the whole thing pretty much just powerpoint
    this website is just so confusing….i dont have a fast computer but if you could go through this step-to-step with me i’d really appreciate it =)
    thank you and buh bye

  9. Curt Henning says:

    Help Publisher (for FrontPage) is NOT free, but is $99

  10. Scott says:

    I need help!  i recently updated my computer to windows Service pack 2 and now my internet connection has went funny.  It keeps coming up Limited or No Conectivy how do it sort this P.S my internet works for about 10 minuets then cuts off and the only way to get it working again is to restart my computer and it does the same again.

  11. Blake says:

    Yes, I COULD help if you left an email address . . .

  12. Unknown says:


  13. Unknown says:

    sir i need to know the cd of office 2007 enterprise

  14. vira says:

    Hello Sir, I would like to install latest version of microsoft office 2007. Like to know more about, advantages,features. And Can i have a free software of it. If so, please provide me  the software. I heard that someone has asked for the same and you were suggested for the trial version of 60 days. But its taking very much time to save or to run.

  15. Karthi says:

    Hello Sir, I would like to install latest version of microsoft office 2007. Like to know more about, advantages,features. And Can i have a free software of it. If so, please provide me  the software. I heard that someone has asked for the same and you were suggested for the trial version of 60 days. But its taking very much time to save or to run. mail me to virakumar@gmail.com

  16. vira says:

    As per Mr.Blake Handler below line i have downloaded microsoft enterprise 2007. While running this exe it is asking for the key how can i get the key for this enterprise 2007. Plz help me. Send me your suggestions to my mail id virakumar@gmail.com
    Blake Handler

    Sorry — I don’t know of a FREE version of Office. But here’s a 60 day trial for Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 

  17. Anoud says:

    I have a webcam and i don’t have a cd with it and it doesn’t have a brand name!!!!! when i want to download it the software don’t complete.
    what should I do? 

  18. alaba says:

    hi  please help cant seem to burn my downloaded movies to disk i have
    windows xp which has the sonic my/dvd installed it use to burn it quit all right
    but now it says no decoder or decoder is not compatable please help if can
    am very comp ileterate! 

  19. jay says:

    I want to convert some of my ppt’s which are in german language to English language as it is. Is there any tool which convert text from ppt’s directly from german to english language 

  20. AnDrEw says:

    if possible, is there FREE full MIcrosoft Office packages like: 2007, 2003, and 2000 (that have word, ppowerpoitn, excel, frontpage, outlook +more)??

  21. Jesse says:

    Im looking for a full version of office? I know its out there somewhere but some help locating it would be awesome!

  22. Fat Fairy Hunter says:

    Is it at all possible to download a free version of the office stuff, like 2003? I pretty much only need Word and Powerpoint. At the moment, I have a really old version on a new computer, and I can’t really do much on this version.
    I appreciate your help. Thanks in advance!

  23. andrew says:

    can you help please?
    i need a free download for microsoft projects 2003 asap
    any help would be appriciated

  24. Natasha says:

    Hi..I have downloaded a free version of office.. It´s quite good.. If it could be any help for the ones who want a free office- pack..You could try and look..I googled: openoffice – and then I took number two. And then the office pack.. Hope it could help you out..

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