Microsoft Updates Kinect SDK for Windows 7 & Windows 8

Kinect for Windows SDK v1.0 Beta 2 includes APIs, sample code, and drivers. Developers can create rich experiences by using Kinect sensor technology on computers running Windows 7 or Windows 8 Developer Preview.

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Rose Parade Float from Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect

Microsoft had a float representing their Xbox Kinect on this morning’s 2012 New Year’s Rose Parade!


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Facebook Releases Messenger for Windows 7

Facebook has released their Messenger for Windows 7 – a new, trial application that lets you use Facebook without being on While you surf the web or use other applications on your computer, you can:

    • Chat and message with your friends on Facebook
    • See the latest updates from your friends in ticker
    • Get quick notifications about what’s going on

Direct Download –> Facebook Messenger for Windows 7

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Microsoft CodePlex Releases a Windows 7 Metro Application "Instant Beautiful Browsing"

Instant Beautiful Browsing is a work-space that includes applications like notepad, multi-view browser, links to other applications, using the incredibly beautiful metro interface.”

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Microsoft Releases Lambda-Omega Equations Simulator Tool

Microsoft’s Research Labs has released their “Lambda-Omega Equations Simulator Tool” tool to assist readers of in understanding the numerical dynamics illustrated in the paper “Explaining spatiotemporal dynamics in lambda-omega reaction-diffusion equations using absolute stability spectra of wavetrains” and to encourage readers to experiment with changes to boundary conditions and parameter values.

I have NO clue what the heck all that cool sounding stuff means – but I’m betting that Microsoft’s “Lambda-Omega Equations Simulator Tool” is one of the best “Lambda-Omega Equations Simulator Tools” around! 🙂

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Microsoft Releases Excel Web App on SkyDrive

Microsoft Excel Web App on SkyDrive allows developers to quickly create rich and interactive data mashups.

  • Step 1: Sign up  Before you can embed your Excel workbook on a host web page, you will need to upload it a folder on SkyDrive and then set permissions on the workbook. Sign up for a free SkyDrive account and begin storing your files on your own SkyDrive storage space in just minutes.
  • Step 2: Embed the workbook Once you have your workbook uploaded to a SkyDrive folder and have set permissions, you can use the SkyDrive Embed dialog box to get the HTML and JavaScript code that will embed the workbook on your host web page.
  • Step 3: Mash it up Use the Excel Services JavaScript library to make rich data mashups using data from your embedded workbook. Walk through a step-by-step example that shows how to create a mashup using Bing Maps and an embedded workbook.

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Microsoft Brings Windows Phone Xbox Companion to iPhones

My Xbox LIVE – “Take your Xbox LIVE experience wherever you go with the My Xbox LIVE app. Track and compare your achievements, connect with your Xbox LIVE friends, and change up your 3D Avatar. Review all your recent great games you and your friends love to play and compare achievements with them. Jump into our games hub to learn about the latest LIVE games and apps. Access Xbox Spotlight feeds, get breaking news from Xbox LIVE, game tips and tricks, gamer spotlight and much more.”

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