How to Enable Safe Mode Boot in Windows 8 Preview (Since F8 Doesn’t Work)

UPDATE: Simply Press <Shift> + <F8>

Microsoft TechNet blogger, Juan Antonio Diaz, has documented the procedure for enabling Safe Mode in Windows 8 Developer Preview (since pressing the <F8> Key does not work!)

STEP #1) From the Windows 8 home screen type:

cmd and press <Ctrl>+<Shift> (to run “cmd” elevated)

STEP #2) From the command prompt, run:

bcdedit /enum /v
From the “Windows Boot Loader” section,  write down the identifier GUID, {23fc82d2-….}
NOTE: This GUID is an example, your GUID will be different.

STEP #3) Using your GUID from Step #2, create a Safe Mode start-up selection by running: 

bcdedit /copy {23fc82d2-….} /d “Windows Developer Preview (Safe Mode)”
NOTE: This GUID is an example, substitute your GUID from Step #2)

STEP #4) Also from the command prompt, run:

From the “Boot” tab select your newly created boot item “Windows Developer Preview (Safe Mode)”
Select both “Safe boot” and “Make all boot settings permanent”
Click <OK> to save

STEP #5) Reboot – You’ll now have a Save Mode selection, as well as access to “Change defaults or choose other options”


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