Mac vs. Windows: Walter Mossberg is Wrong

Walter Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal recently replied to a question: “I have a small but fast-growing business and am strongly considering going with Macs, but I’m not sure if it’s the cost-effective way to go. What are the pros and cons?”


“To a great extent, it depends on the size and type of business, but I can give you a few general pros and cons. Macs typically cost more upfront, but can save in maintenance costs because they aren’t susceptible to most malicious software and, in my experience, they crash less often. They tend to be easier to network, and, like Windows PCs, they work with Microsoft Exchange. They run standard productivity software, like Microsoft Office, and can access most online business sites and services. But there are many niche business applications that are written for Windows only. You can overcome this by running Windows on a Mac for the occasional program. But if your business would best operate using software that is only for Windows, you’d likely be better off with a Windows machine.”


Walt’s way too short answer really misses the bigger picture — While a Mac is a wonderful personal computer, in an office environment Microsoft Windows computers are simply cheaper and easier to deploy, updates for Windows & Microsoft Office are centrally managed, and Group Policies can be applied from a single server…not to mention a slew of other available Microsoft network services, as well as millions of trained Microsoft support people to help.  None of this is available from Apple. 


“If you have a small but fast-growing business I strongly recommend going with Microsoft Windows as the cost-effective way to go.”


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BLAKE was a Microsoft MVP and award winning programmer with over 20+ years experience providing complete Windows and networking support for small to medium sized businesses. BLAKE is also Jazz Musician and Instructor for residential clients on the Los Angeles West Side.
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3 Responses to Mac vs. Windows: Walter Mossberg is Wrong

  1. Casper Allerslev Jensen says:

    I don’t agree with Walter Mossberg statement Macs typically cost more upfront, but can save in maintenance costs because they aren’t susceptible to most malicious software

    Its a fact that more and more security wholes are found in Mac and since there is not antivirus tool for Mac (as fare as i know) how can he evnen know that his right?

    There is a group dedicated to find one securty whole in a mac each month and i hear they are doing well…

    Not knowing doesn’t mean its safer…

  2. Alecks says:

    It is true that Mac machines are not at everyone’s reach but it is also true that windows has a wider range of machines in which to run the os’s. If you compare the machines fairly you’ll realize that a macBook pro is not much more expensive (if it is at all more expensive) than an Hp Pavillion notebook windows7 ready. The problem is not comparing, the problem is trying to compare things that aren´t meant to be compared. Personally I believe we should not demonize brands simply because. I have recently used a macbook pro and i saw nothing in it that would make me want it better than a windows machine and I also didn´t see a reason (aside from the price) why a small business shouldn’t acquire mac. It’s all in the purpose with which you buy a pc. If you’re looking for the common array of tools you can find in windows on a mac you can do like windows users and clone!! You’ll always find helpful freeware somewhere in the internet. Untill then, chill out! Seriously! This is the 21st century and the only pc i have dates 1998! It was great fun reviewing! Cheers!

  3. Alecks says:

    I’d like to review my opinion about this matter as I have recently had a new experience with a mac but this time when I tried to use the apps (rather than safari that is also available for windows) the differences to windows os became striking.
    I still believe, however, that the final-user should make his or her choice based on an objective judgment of what he or she requires in a computer. But the facts are that if you decide to go mac you’d better get ready to use your computer with the user guide by your side. Really!!, some of its apps are even more accessible to use on windows and I’ll have to confess that it’s almost impossible to find any suitable (from a reliable source) programs for leopard. So the point is, how nerd are you?

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