How to Copy / Synchronize Contacts from iPhone 4 to Windows Phone 7

Microsoft TechNet Blogger, João Ribeiro, has detailed instructions on “How to Copy / Synchronize Contacts from iPhone 4 to Windows Phone 7” worth reposting.

STEP 1 – Install iTunes

    1. Download –> iTunes  
    2. Connect iPhone to computer and wait for it to show-up as a device in iTunes.
    3. Once connected, select “Contacts” from the “Info” tab
    4. Select to sync contacts with Outlook and then sync your iPhone

NOTE: This operation will copy all contacts from your iPhone (including contact pictures, if you use them) to the Outlook Contacts folder. Ensure the contacts were synchronized to Outlook.

STEP 2 – Install the proper 32 or 64 bit Outlook Hotmail Connector

Download –> Outlook Hotmail Connector 32-bit
               – or –
Download –> Outlook Hotmail Connector 64-bit 

NOTE: You must restart Outlook and configure a new Hotmail account using your Hotmail username and password. Once completed, Outlook can send & receive e-mails, and synch contacts.

STEP 3 – Complete the Contact Sync


    1. Within Outlook, scroll to the Contacts of your Usual Mailbox and select & copy all by pressing <Ctrl>+”A” followed-by <Ctrl>+”C”
    2. Scroll to the Contacts inside the Hotmail Mailbox on your Outlook and press <Ctrl>+”V” (copying your

NOTE: Outlook will copy all your contacts to the “Cloud”.


        1. On your Windows Phone 7 device, click the Right Arrow ( à ) and then choose “Hotmail”
        2. Press the Sync button

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