How to Search for “Symbols” within Microsoft Word

20 Search Strings for Finding Special Characters in Microsoft Word:  Microsoft’s TechNet Magazine has a great article on how to search for "symbols" within Word 2010 (i.e. searching for line-ending codes to eliminate repeated line breaks or to find an occurrence of text that is at the end of a paragraph).
Here’s TechNet Magazine’s 20 "Search Strings" you enter in Microsoft Word’s search box to find special characters and other items:
    1. ^l  —  Manual line break (lowercase L) 
    2. ^p  —  Paragraph break
    3. ^n  —  Column break
    4. ^m  —  Manual page break
    5. ^b  —  Section break
    6. ^t  —  Tab character
    7. ^w  —  White space (space or tab)
    8. ^s  —  Nonbreaking space
    9. ^~  —  Nonbreaking hyphen
    10. ^-  —  Optional hyphen
    11. ^=  —  En dash (–)
    12. ^+  —  Em dash (—)
    13. ^^  —  Caret (^)
    14. ^%  —  Section symbol (§)
    15. ^v  —  Paragraph symbol (¶)
    16. ^?  —  Any character
    17. ^$  —  Any letter
    18. ^#  —  Any digit
    19. ^e  —  Endnote mark
    20. ^g  —  Graphic

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