Microsoft Releases Updated Windows Live Essentials aka Windows Live Wave 4

Microsoft has released their updated (Beta) version of Windows Live Essentials aka Windows Live Wave 4 for Windows Vista & Windows 7
Windows Live Essentials Application Suite:
    • Photo Gallery – Find, edit and share your photos and videos — for free.
    • Movie Maker – Create a movie with your photos and videos to share the way you want — for free.
    • Mail allows you to access your email accounts within one application, send multiple photos and videos in one email without clogging your inbox, integrate with Windows Live Messenger and Live Writer, and much more.
    • Sync makes it easy to access your digital stuff anywhere from any device. With Sync, you have the freedom to use any PC, knowing you’ll always have access to the files or apps that you need.
    • Writer is the intuitive way to create rich, fun and engaging blogs to tell your story. Sharing your thoughts and memories has never been easier.
    • Family Safety is designed to augment Parental Controls on your Windows-based PC, to help parents keep their children safer online.
    • Messenger is the most meaningful way to stay in touch with the people that matter most and has great new ways to connect and share.
Download –> Windows Live Essentials aka Windows Live Wave 4
Additional Resources:
Windows Live Software Development Kit (SDK) is a collection of libraries and other resources that you use to develop applications that interact with Windows Live.  (More Info:  Dev.Live.COM)
The Windows Live SDK Includes:
    • Messenger Connect .NET and Silverlight Library: Library for building .NET and Silverlight applications. You do not need this library if you are implementing JavaScript-only solutions.
    • OAuth WRAP Handler: OAuth WRAP callback handling for ASP.NET applications to process access tokens. You need this kind of handler when you build ASP.NET solutions.
    • Windows Live Visual Studio Templates: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 project and item templates to help you build Windows Live applications.
    • Channel.html: HTML page required for cross-domain communciation handling for client browsers that do not have Adobe Flash installed and do not support HTML 4 postMessage API. This files is needed if you are building applications by using Messenger Connect JavaScript Library.
Having Proxy Problems?  Microsoft has identified a bug that occurs when your IE proxy settings point to a proxy script that is invalid or not reachable.  They are working on a permanent solution to this problem but in the meantime have come up with this workaround.
    1. Open Internet Explorer.
    2. Click Tools, then click Internet Options.
    3. Click the Connections tab, and then click the LAN settings button.
    4. Select the check box for Use automatic configuration script.
    5. Copy the URL that is shown in the Address box below the check box. Paste it somewhere that you can retrieve it from later (in case you want to restore this setting when you are done installing Windows Live)
    6. Delete the URL currently shown in the Address box, and replace it with a space character
    7. Click OK in Local Area Network (LAN) settings dialog.
    8. Click the LAN settings button again.
    9. Now clear the check box for Use automatic configuration script.
    10. Click OK in Local Area Network (LAN) settings dialog.
    11. Click OK in the  Internet Options dialog.
    12. Run the installation of Windows Live Essentials again.

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