Microsoft Research Updates “Chem4Word” Chemistry Add-in for Word 2010

Chem4Word – Chemistry Add-in for Word is a tool for writing and rendering semantically rich chemistry information in Microsoft Word 2007/2010 documents.  (Thanks Dan!)
With Chem4Word you can:
    • Create inline "chemistry zones" to represent chemical data.  Chemistry zones are controls that contain information about a molecule and display the information in a variety of ways. The underlying data is stored as Chemical Markup Language (CML), a widely used XML schema for representing chemical data. The data typically includes trivial and International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) names, the concise formula, and data for a 2-D structure.
    • Display chemical information in a variety of ways.  A chemistry zone can display any representation that is supported by the underlying CML data. With a few clicks, you can switch from the molecule’s trivial name to its concise formula to its 2-D representation.
    • Display print-quality 2-D chemical structures.  Chemistry zones can represent molecules by displaying a 2-D structure diagram. The Chemistry Add-in also includes an editor that enables you to modify the structure. The diagram is inserted into the document as a PNG image, so that others can view it, whether or not they have installed the Chemistry Add-in on their system. You can also publish a document authored using the Chemistry Add-in as a PDF file.
    • Accept chemical data in a variety of formats.  You can create a “chemistry zone” typing a simple common name such as “water”, and then use the Chemistry Add-in to convert it to your preferred representation.
    • Handle most molecules.  The Chemistry Add-in can handle any molecule that has appropriate CML data. The Chemistry Add-in includes CML data for several hundred common molecules. For additional molecules, you simply create or obtain a CML file and import it into a document.
    • Store and expose chemical information in a semantically rich manner.  The Chemistry Add-in supports publishing and data-mining scenarios for authors, readers, publishers, and other vendors across the chemical information community.

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