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MindFlex: The Coolest Toy for the Christmas 2009 Holidays is from Mattel

  OK. this has nothing to do with Microsoft technology, but I love cool tech toys . . . and this MindFlex from Mattel looks awesome! MindFlex — Have you ever dreamed of moving an object with the power of … Continue reading

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Microsoft Updates “ProcDump” for Windows 7

  ProcDump v1.5 now includes a new switch that enables the creation of a process dump upon process termination, which can help with troubleshooting unexpected process termination. It also fixes a bug where the -ma switch wouldn’t generate a full dump … Continue reading

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Ultimate List of Free Microsoft Flight Simulator X Software & Resources

  Create Your Own FSX Missions: FSX Mission Building Tips: Designing Great Missions Part I & Part II – The Mission Creation Software Development Kit (SDK) explains the technical details of creating missions.  It can be installed from Disk 1 of … Continue reading

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u-blox Updates Drivers Supporting GPS Location-Aware Applications on Windows 7

  u-blox, a leading provider of embedded GPS receiver semiconductors and solutions, announced its support of Microsoft’s initiative to make development of location-aware applications on Windows 7 hassle-free.   The Sensor and Location Platform gives developers a standardized API and device … Continue reading

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Microsoft Releases Zune 4.0 Software Optimized for New Zune HD & Windows 7

  Microsoft has released the updated Zune 4.0 software with an alternative menu scheme called Quickplay. This new interface is designed to connect you with your favorite and most relevant content within one touch. It neatly organizes your "pins" (think of … Continue reading

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Novell Releases First Solution to Build iPhone Applications Using C# and Microsoft .NET Languages

  Novell announced MonoTouch, the industry’s first solution for developing applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch using the Microsoft .NET framework, including C# and other .NET programming languages.  The MonoTouch Software Development Kit (SDK) that contains a suite of compilers, libraries and … Continue reading

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Microsoft Brings Windows 7 AutoPlay Malware Protection to All Windows Versions

  Windows 7 disables the AutoPlay feature which has been abused by malware (like Conficker). Now, Microsoft provides this same functionality for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008. (Thanks Damian) –> Download Disable AutoPlay for … Continue reading

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Free “Mouse Gestures” Add-on for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer

  Mouse Gestures Add-in for Internet Explorer provides Opera like Mouse Gestures to Internet Explorer.  (Thanks Eric) "Most of the gestures are triggered by dragging the mouse with right button down. For example, to open a new window, hold the right mouse … Continue reading

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Out of Beta: Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2010 for Windows 7

  Now out of beta,  the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 is the newest version of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, a Solution Accelerator for operating system and application deployment. MDT 2010 supports deployment of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 in … Continue reading

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Free (Widescreen) SQL Server Desktop Wallpaper

  Microsoft MSDN Blogger, Buck Woody, has released his widescreen (1298 x 811) SQL Server Desktop Wallpaper. –> Download SQL Server Widescreen Desktop Wallpaper   Click Here for All Free Windows 7 Software & Resources

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