Microsoft Announces “Vine” Mobile Community Software

What is Microsoft Vine?
The Microsoft Vine beta (Vine.Net) connects you to the people and places you care about most, when it matters. Stay in touch with family and friends, be informed when someone you care about needs help. Get involved to create great neighborhoods, communities or causes. You select the people and places you care about most. Use alerts, reports and your personal dashboard to stay in touch, informed and involved.
How does Microsoft Vine work?
Use the dashboard to stay informed about what’s happening with the places and people you care about. Information associated with the places you have chosen will appear on your map, including articles culled from 20,000 local and national news sources as well as public safety announcements from the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Information associated with the people you care about who are in your Vine network will appear on the dashboard too. You will know when they send you an alert, post a report or update their Facebook status information.
Send and receive alerts with Microsoft Vine. Organize people into groups so it’s easy to send information to them all at once — the sports team you coach, people who live nearby, family far away, special friends, and the people you might want to reach in an emergency. Each person can define how they want to receive their alerts — through e-mail, a text message or on their computer — so your message is sent to the right people in the right way, quickly. You can send those from your computer or mobile phone to people who have affiliated with you.
Post reports. You decide what information is important to share and the people you want to share it with. Then the information is sent directly to their personal dashboard. You can check in safe and well to let your family know you are okay. You can also use reports to let your trusted neighbors know you are headed out on vacation and how to reach you if anything comes up, keep each other informed of situations that matter, and report general information such as a team practice schedule and location for the week.

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BLAKE was a Microsoft MVP and award winning programmer with over 20+ years experience providing complete Windows and networking support for small to medium sized businesses. BLAKE is also Jazz Musician and Instructor for residential clients on the Los Angeles West Side.
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