Microsoft Course 6292A: “Update Your Technology Knowledge of Microsoft Windows XP to Windows 7”

Course 6292A: Update Your Technology Knowledge of Microsoft Windows XP to Windows 7 – This three-day instructor-led course is intended for IT professionals who want to update their exisiting Windows XP skills providing user support, desktop configuration, and desktop troubleshooting to Windows 7.
At Course Completion, this course, students will be able to:
    • Manage the desktop settings that personalize the computing experience.
    • Describe how Windows 7 Search enhancements improve productivity.
    • Implement Search Federation to search remote data sources within the enterprise infrastructure.
    • Describe the new Group Policy Preferences and Administrative Templates that are available to IT professionals who manage Group Policy Objects.
    • Describe how IT professionals use the Group Policy Management Console to create scripts that manage Group Policy Objects.
    • Identify and use the improvements made to the latest version of PowerShell.
    • Describe how DirectAccess  enables IT professionals to remotely manage and update user PCs.
    • Describe the platform and network requirements necessary to implement DirectAccess.
    • Describe the VPN reconnection features and the platform and network requirements.
    • Illustrate how to use Group Policy to prevent specific types of files from being synchronized to the server.
    • Describe how BranchCache improves user productivity in branch offices by caching content from remote file and Web servers in branch locations.
    • Administer new User Account Control security settings to improve the end-user computing experience.
    • Describe how AppLocker enables IT Professionals to specify the programs that are allowed to run on user desktops.
    • Describe how Windows 7 improves upon the firewall policy by allowing IT professionals to identify multiple active firewall profiles.
    • Describe new Windows 7 features as they relate to Windows Deployment Services and virtualization.
    • Explain how the Problem Steps Recorder can be used to reproduce and record experiences with an application failure.
    • Summarize key components of the Windows Troubleshooting Platform and run the troubleshooting wizard from the Start menu for a specific problem.
    • Identify how unified tracing provides IT professionals with a single tool for troubleshooting issues in the Windows 7 networking stack.
    • Describe how Windows Management Instrumentation provides IT professionals with programmatic access to reliability data, enabling them to check stability status and review recent events remotely.
    • Describe how to use the Device Manager and Devices and Printers to manage devices.

About blakehandler

BLAKE was a Microsoft MVP and award winning programmer with over 20+ years experience providing complete Windows and networking support for small to medium sized businesses. BLAKE is also Jazz Musician and Instructor for residential clients on the Los Angeles West Side.
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  1. ALi says:

    I Will Pass It

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