Microsoft Releases Updated neXpert 1.1 Add-on for Fiddler (Web Debugging Proxy)

neXpert is an add-on to Fiddler which automates the classic performance best practice checks and produces a HTML report on the issues found in a Fiddler capture. neXpert adds the ability to insert step markers in Fiddler sessions to associate network objects together (create transactions). Using these steps, neXpert looks for performance issues and generates a HTML report based on the findings. A TCP model (still considered beta) provided by Microsoft Research as well as a rudimentary algorithm to mimic web browser is used to generate response time predictions. (Thanks Nexpert)
    • Streaming Mode and Ping buttons on the neXpert tab now persist across Fiddler runs.  Both were removed from the options menu.
    • Renamed "Clear Cache" button on the neXpert tab to "Clear WinINET Cache / Cookies" to properly describe it’s action
    • If the “Add Step Marker Behavior” option is set to "Selected Session" neXpert will now unselect all sessions after successfully adding the step.
    • Host Latency Table:
      1. Name changed to “Server Info”
      2. Column added for server’s IP address
    • Redundant Calls Table:
      1. Name changed to “Redundant Requests”
      2. Help text updated.
    • Localization issues fixed with number parsing on non en-US culture systems.
    • Compression chart now includes XML files.
    • Issues during the Ping now handled.
    • Grammar/Spelling issues fixed in the report.
    • View state issues fixed.
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