Microsoft Releases Updated Documentation for Windows Home Server Power Pack 2

Microsoft has released updated documentation for their Windows Home Server Power Pack 2 – So, what’s new in Power Pack 2 for Windows Home Server? 
Power Pack 2 for Windows Home Server updates Windows Home Server with the following new features and fixes:
Windows Media Center Connector
    • Computers running Windows Media Center can now view recorded TV content that is stored on your home server by using the recorded TV gallery.
    • Windows Media Center music, photos, videos, and recorded TV libraries are automatically updated to include the Music, Photos, Videos, and Recorded TV shared folders on your home server.
    • Media Center Extenders that are connected to a computer running Windows Media Center can now access content on your home server without using the guest account.
    • You can control the shared folders on your home server that Media Center Extenders can access by using the Windows Home Server Console. To do this, on the console, click Settings, and then click Windows Media Center.
Media Sharing
    • Support for MP4 audio and video files is added.
    • Content that is stored on your home server and that is shared via Windows Media Connect, including files with extensions .mp4, .m4v, .m4b and .m4a, now appears in the music or video library with title, artist, composer, album, and genre metadata.
Remote Access
    • The Remote Access Settings page is redesigned to make it easier to use.
    • A Web-hosted diagnostic service is used to more accurately test whether remote connectivity is available from outside the home network.
    • There are new and improved initial configuration and repair wizards.
    • There is better troubleshooting guidance for common home networking issues that can prevent Remote Access from working properly.
Home Computer Backup
    • When you restore files and folders from a Home Computer Backup, the process may stop when it is 79% to 81% percent complete. This update helps prevent this issue.
Home Server Backup
    • This update prevents you from unintentionally overwriting newer versions of the Windows Home Server Connector files. This could potentially happen if you restore files and folders from a Home Server Backup to the Software shared folder on your home server.
Server Storage and Shared Folders
          • It is now easier to copy large files or folders from a home computer running the Windows Vista operating system to a shared folder on your home server. Previously, the file size was limited by the free space on the primary hard drive of your home server. With this update, the file size is limited to the free space on the target hard drives that are connected to your home server.
          • The number of notification messages about files that are stored in shared folders is reduced. Previously, these notifications may have caused high CPU utilization on your home server for applications that access these files. After this update is installed, applications such as the software for the Microsoft Zune digital media player no longer consume excessive processor resources. 

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