Microsoft Releases Official “First Look” Windows 7 Training Courses

Microsoft has begun releasing information on their official Windows 7 training courses.  (Thanks Ken)
Course 6289 – First Look: Windows 7 for IT Professionals – This three-hour instructor-led clinic introduces students to new features in Microsoft Windows 7: user productivity, improved security and control, streamlined PC management, and desktop optimization.
At Course Completion
    • Discuss configuration of the UAC elevation prompt
    • Explain BitLocker Data Encryption for removable storage devices
    • Summarize how to create and enforce AppLocker rules
    • Describe how Windows Defender helps to improve security on a computer
    • Describe how DirectAccess helps improve the connectivity experience for remote users
    • Explain how caching works to help make users in a branch office more productive
    • Summarize how to use libraries and search to organize and find information
    • Describe how taskbar and Control Panel improvements bring together common tasks and information to reduce clutter and improve navigation
    • Explain how to perform a Windows Backup and Restore
    • Describe troubleshooting enhancements including the Problem Steps Recorder, unified tracing concepts, Performance Monitor, and Windows PowerShell 2.0
Course 6290 – First Look: Windows 7 for IT Professionals Hands-on Lab – This three hour lab is a companion to the 6289 course and provides hands-on practice with the main technical areas of Windows 7: User Productivity, Improved Security and Control, Streamlined PC Management, and Desktop Optimization.
At Hands-On Lab Completion  

          • Configure User Account Control.
          • Utilize the User Account Type and Elevation Prompt.
          • Configure Local Security Policy.
          • Configure Windows Firewall.
          • Create AppLocker Rules and configure enforcement.
          • Configure Windows Defender.
          • Set indexing locations and modify advanced options.
          • Execute searches form multiple locations.
          • Create a library and set security permissions.
          • Create and deploy a search connector.
          • Use the built-in diagnostics tools to diagnose and resolve system problems.
          • Use Performance Monitor to collect system performance information.
          • Configure the Action Center and view messages.
          • Examine events in Event Viewer and create a custom view.
          • Configure Device Manager and control device installation.
          • Run Windows PowerShell commands.
          • Configure Backup and Restore option.
          • Configure the Sync Center.

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BLAKE was a Microsoft MVP and award winning programmer with over 20+ years experience providing complete Windows and networking support for small to medium sized businesses. BLAKE is also Jazz Musician and Instructor for residential clients on the Los Angeles West Side.
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