Microsoft Employee Releases Free Office 2007 Training Demos

Microsoft has released a slew of quick Microsoft Office 2007 training demos for free download.
Microsoft Office Word 2007 Demos:
Add or delete pages – Having trouble getting rid of a page from your document? Do you just want to add a page in a specific location? This Word 2007 demo shows you the little secret for how to easily add or delete pages from your Word 2007 documents.
Add and remove page breaks – Frustrated with the layout of your document? By taking advantage of automatic page breaks and using manual page breaks sparingly, you can save yourself effort and get the results you want in your documents.
Add pictures to a Word 2007 document from a camera or scanner – If you’re baffled about how to get your own photographs into your Word 2007 documents, then wonder no longer. This Word 2007 demo shows you how to insert your picture or digital photo into a document and format it the way you want it. He addresses some of your questions about terms like "inline" and "floating," and he explains how easy it is to set up a watermark.
Change formatting by using section breaks – Suppose you want to make some simple formatting changes within a document, such as making one page landscape orientation, or adding columns to another page.
Get the page numbers you want – You can get the page numbering you want in your Word 2007 documents without having to set it up manually. This demo explains how to select the formatting you want. You can even use different styles of numbers in different sections of your document.
Remove tracked changes from Word 2007 documents – Leaving visible revision marks and comments in a document that you thought was "final" can be embarrassing. This demo demystifies what’s going on with those tracked changes that you thought were gone from your document. The demo also shows you two ways to banish those markings permanently and gain peace of mind.
Set page margins or change them – Adjusting page margins is easy when you know which feature to use. This Word 2007 demo, shows you how to set or change margins in Page Setup. He also points out how you can use either inches or centimeters as the unit of measurement for margins.
Set tab stops or remove them – Do your tabs sometimes appear to misbehave? Ever wonder how to see a ruler for setting tab stops? This Word 2007 demo shows you how to insert and delete tab stops and how to see and use the ruler.
Use Word Viewer to open or print Word documents – Even if you don’t have Word on your computer, you can open Word documents as long as you have Word Viewer. This Word 2007 demo shows how you and your colleagues can download Word Viewer and the Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats. With these two downloads, you can open, print, or copy and paste from Word documents, without having to install Word on your computer.  
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Demos: 
Keep sane with the Selection Pane – If you work with layered items on PowerPoint slides, the Selection Pane, new in the 2007 Office release, can make that task easier.  The Selection Pane lists each item on your slide so you can apply custom effects to just that item, without having to click through the layers on the slide itself. When you finish, you can preview the effects and unhide all the items.
Use 3-D effects – You want your presentation to convey key points to your audience. The new 3-D effects in PowerPoint 2007 give you dozens of ways to
create graphics effects that pop off the slide and highlight the information you want to be remembered. Watch the demo to see how to do this with slides. Similar options are available in Excel 2007, Outlook 2007, and Word  2007. 
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Demo:
Use a blog to connect with your coworkers – You can use a blog to improve communication in your workplace. The blog authors can post information such as updates on benefits changes, promotions of seminars, and detailed information on policies. Employees can post their questions or comments and see the responses from the blog author. 

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