Microsoft Releases Free Update: Office Accounting Express 2009

Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2009 is a free easy to use accounting package designed for Startup and Home-based Businesses
    • New! Create tax preparation reports with the Tax Integration add-in.
    • New! View accounting information conveniently on your desktop with the Amounts to Pay Today gadget.
    • Expanded! Run over 20 new insightful reports and customize them in Excel.
    • Improved! Easily find local accounting professionals who are familiar with Office Accounting using improved zip code search.
    • Improved! Process credit cards online using the updated Credit Card Processing Solution for Office Accounting 2009.
    • New! The Microsoft Office Accounting Spanish Language Pack 2009 addresses your multilingual needs by providing Spanish language capabilities. You can install the language pack for your Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 user interface and product documentation at no charge.
    • New! Help grow your practice by offering a customized version of Office Accounting Express 2009 at no charge to current or potential clients. Communicate with clients by directly embedding your Web pages within Office Accounting 2009.
Get up and running in minutes  
  • Import data from Quickbooks, Excel or a CSV file    
  • Use step by step wizards to set up your company   
  • Work in the familiar Microsoft Office interface   
  • Visit the Resource Center to get help with common questions   
Save time on everyday tasks  
  • Track your income and expenses   
  • Manage customers, vendors and employees   
  • Write checks, create quotes and invoices   
  • Bank online and download transactions   
  • Get paid faster with PayPal invoices   
  • Manage your payroll with Excel templates   
  • Create tax preparation reports with the Tax Integration add-in   
Save time with Office integration   
  • Track billable time, create quotes and send invoices in Outlook   
  • Export reports to Excel with one click   
  • Create just the right look and feel for your docs in Word   
Get a complete view of your business  
  • Get insight into your business with 50 customizable reports   
  • View info on your desktop with the Amounts to Pay Today gadget 
Reach millions of customers on eBay   
  • Create eBay listings in Office Accounting   
  • Manage pending transactions   
  • Download transactions and completed PayPal payments   
  • Turn eBay buyers into repeat customers 

While Office Accounting 2009 ships with SQL Express 2005; if installed first, it will support Microsoft’s newer and faster SQL Express 2008.
Who should not upgrade?
    • Users running Windows 2000 with Small Business Accounting 2006. SQL Server 2005 does not support Windows 2000.
    • Users with less than 512 MB memory. You shouldn’t really be running the application anyway.
    • Users of Small Business Accounting 2006 who integrate with Outlook with Business Contact Manager 2003 or 2006. The old version of BCM is running SQL Server 2000 (MSDE) and you would end up with two database instances on the same PC (not good). DO upgrade when you upgrade to Office 2007 with BCM. All other Office 2003 users are fine.
    • No UK support. Office Accounting 2009 UK is scheduled to be released early next year, prior to the start of the UK payroll year in April.


About blakehandler

BLAKE was a Microsoft MVP and award winning programmer with over 20+ years experience providing complete Windows and networking support for small to medium sized businesses. BLAKE is also Jazz Musician and Instructor for residential clients on the Los Angeles West Side.
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1 Response to Microsoft Releases Free Update: Office Accounting Express 2009

  1. Pat says:

    Has the UK version been released yet as we are keen to try it before the start of new fiscal year (5th April) here’s hoping

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