Microsoft’s CodePlex Releases Updated Remote Desktop Client: Terminals

Terminals is a secure, multi tab terminal services/remote desktop client. It uses Terminal Services ActiveX Client (mstscax.dll). The project started from the need of controlling multiple connections simultaneously. It is a complete replacement for the mstsc.exe (Terminal Services) client.
Significant Changes since last release:
    • Added "Tab" support on Telnet/SSH connections. Allows auto-complete when pressing tab in the terminal window. Thanks dozey!
    • Add SSH1 support. Telnet tab when editing/creating a new connection now lists: Telnet, SSH 1, SSH 2.
    • Bug fix for null/0 list of FavoriteToolbarButtons
    • Cleaned out all’s that simply emitted exception details. debugging should be done to log files, not the end user.
    • You can now use the Favorites List (left side of the main window) to set Username/Domain/Password across all favorites within a tag.
    • First run through of I18N/L10N
    • Moved non cpl or msc items to its own sub-menu in the context menu
    • Support for: Desktop composition and smoothing
    • Parsing mmc/cpl files to auto-load shortcuts
    • Intelligent shortcut building for MMC files (names and icons should be more consistent with the OS)
    • Check for null data and sessions in the connect to TS attempt.
    • More work on the toolbars and their positions.
    • Added an option in the tools menu to rebuild shortcuts
    • Fixed:hover your mouse over the "terminals news" tab
    • In the Networking tools fixed most/all of the tab stops.
    • Captured and logged out of mem exception

About blakehandler

BLAKE was a Microsoft MVP and award winning programmer with over 20+ years experience providing complete Windows and networking support for small to medium sized businesses. BLAKE is also Jazz Musician and Instructor for residential clients on the Los Angeles West Side.
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