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Adobe Releases Updated Flash Player Version 10

  FAQ PDF: Adobe Flash Player 10 builds on the capabilities of the world’s most pervasive application runtime with new support for custom filters and effects, native 3D transformation and animation, advanced audio processing, and GPU hardware acceleration. ==> Download … Continue reading

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Next Version of Windows is called “Windows 7”

  Here’s my obligatory blog posting mentioning that Microsoft’s next version after Windows Vista will simply be called “Windows 7” 

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Microsoft Blogger Releases Windows Hosts File Manager

  Microsoft’s Israeli blogger, Basil Goldman, has relased his Windows Hosts File Manager to easily make configuration changes to the HOSTS file (add, delete, & edit). –> Download Windows Hosts File Manager Click Here for All Free Windows Vista Software

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Norton Labs Releases Windows Vista User Account Control Tool

  Norton’s User Account Control Tool has been designed to replace the Vista UAC, to simultaneously make your system more secure while significantly improving user-friendliness.   By default, any application launched by an administrator is running with a filtered, standard … Continue reading

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Microsoft MSDN Blogger Releases Calendar/Planner Powertoy for OneNote

  Microsoft MSDN Blogger, John Guin, has released his Calendar/Planner Powertoy for OneNote. (Does John ever sleep?) Calendar/Planner Powertoy for OneNote = Create’s a custom OneNote calendar, by selecting a start date and number of days.   Click Here for … Continue reading

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Mono Project Releases Mono 2.0 – Open Source .NET Development Framework

  Mono 2.0 has been released! The Mono Project aims to make developers productive and happy: Mono 2.0 is our gift to the world. Sponsored by Novell, the Mono open source project has an active and enthusiastic contributing community and … Continue reading

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Microsoft HealthVault Connection Software & Resources

  Microsoft HealthVault Connection Center is a desktop utility used with your HealthVault account to add data to your Health Records from health and fitness devices such as heart-rate monitors and blood pressure monitors. Data from your medical device is imported into … Continue reading

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More Sudoku Love from Microsoft

  Microsoft employees seem to love Sudoku; they continue to create a number of projects for their beloved game.  Microsoft’s latest is from MSDN’s Charlie Ellis, who wrote "Building a Basic, Understandable Sudoku Solver Using Excel Iterative Calculation" available as … Continue reading

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Microsoft Releases “Official” Windows Server 2008 Core Configurator

  Arlindo’s Technet blog first mentioned the Windows Server 2008 Core Configurator which was/is hosted on Microsoft’s MS Israel Community — well it’s been moved, and can now be found on Microsoft’s "official" Codeplex website. Server Core Configurator — is a collection of scripts … Continue reading

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Microsoft Releases Updated Process Monitor v2.0

  Process Monitor 2.0 is an advanced monitoring tool for Windows that shows real-time file system, Registry and process/thread activity. It combines the features of two legacy Sysinternals utilities, Filemon and Regmon, and adds an extensive list of enhancements including rich … Continue reading

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