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BlackBerry Releases Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger

  Back in May, BlackBerry announced they were working with Microsoft to develop a Windows Live Messenger for their BlackBerry platform. ( "The integration of Windows Live services into the BlackBerry platform will allow customers who use Windows Live Hotmail … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s CodePlex Releases Excel 2007 “NetMap” Template

  Excel 2007 "NetMap" Template brings the ability to visualize different types of networks – ie. Social networks (facebook, etc) and even things like Protein interaction network. (Thanks Dan)   Click Here for All Free Microsoft Office 2007 Software

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Microsoft’s Codplex Releases “Imagizer” Tool: Resizes Batches of Images

  Imagizer – A very simple application to resize a batch of images. Very useful when uploading a huge amount of images to a photo service in the cloud. Click Here for All Free Windows Vista Software

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Windows Vista “TweakUAC” Utility: Turns On & Off User Account Control (UAC)

  Microsoft Blogger, Joe Stagner recommends "TweakUAC" to quickly Turn On & Off Windows Vista’s User Account Control (UAC) Turn UAC off – This option turns UAC off completely. Windows Vista will operate pretty much like Windows XP does when … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s CodePlex Releases Word 2007 Bibliography Style Sheets

  Word 2007 Bibliography Style Sheets for an IEEE formatted bibliography. The stylesheet is based on the formatting guidelines from the following three sources: IEEE Editorial Style Manual – This style manual provides editorial guidelines for IEEE Transactions, Journals, and Letters. … Continue reading

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Microsoft Begins Testing Live Mesh for Mobile Devices

  Yesterday, Microsoft opened Live Mesh for everybody — and now Microsoft has begun testing the basic functionality of Live Mesh on Mobile Devices. FAQ:   Why can’t I sign in to Live Mesh on my mobile device?  You must … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Codeplex Releases “TweakMC” – Tweak Media Center

  Microsoft’s Codeplex has released "TweakMC" (Tweak Media Center) General Settings – Display Wireless Passwords: When joining a wireless network, do you want to read the password as you enter it or do you want it to be hidden? Overscan … Continue reading

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Microsoft Opens Live Mesh to Everyone

  Microsoft has announced that their Live Mesh (Technical Preview) is now available to everyone. I have been using this incredible service since it was announced — but have not been allowed to comment until now. I have found Live … Continue reading

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Last.FM Music Service Released for Apple’s iPhone

  First CBS releases their iPhone Player and now another project close to my heart has been released by Last.FM — a "full blown Last.FM app on Apple’s mobile platforms that is nothing short of insanely great."   Log in … Continue reading

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CBS Radio’s KROQ Now Streaming on Apple’s iPhone

Unfortunately, my various non-disclosure agreements prevent me from discussing many exciting projects publicly. But I’m am personally pleased to see the roll-out of Apple’s new Version 2.0 iPhone software that supports the AOL / CBS Radio Player. The player works … Continue reading

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