Adobe Releases Free Online Version of Photoshop Called “Photoshop Express”

Photoshop Express is not an application on your computer so you can use it anywhere. If you want a copy of a photo on your computer, run your mouse over the photo to reveal the options menu at the bottom right. Open the menu and select Download, once you’re done editing.
Photoshop Express works with JPEG photos; other formats such as raw, TIFF and PSD produce files that are too large to comfortably upload, and GIF images are inherently low quality when used for photos. Photos larger than 10M and 4000 pixels in height and width cannot be uploaded. Photos larger than 2880x 2880 pixes will be shrunk after editing.
You can edit photos already on sites like Facebook, Photobucket or Picasa (but at present, there is no direct path available between Photoshop Express and MySpace.)
Editing Features:
    • Crop & Rotate — Turn it, straighten it, crop out the background.
    • Auto Correct — Automatic, one-click, optimal lighting and contrast adjustment.
    • Exposure — Change the brightness of the photo.
    • Red-Eye Removal — Removes red eyes caused by some camera flashes.
    • Touchup — Remove scratches and other imperfections.
    • Saturation — Ramp up the colors to blinding brightness, dampen them down to black and white, or anywhere in between.
    • White Balance — Ever notice how people look different inside an office with the ugly fluorescent tubes, as opposed to outside on a bright sunny day? Adjust the white balance and you change the type of lighting in the photo.
    • Highlight — The brightest parts of a photo are the highlights. This control lets you brighten or darken just the brightest part of the photo, without affecting the darker parts (we call those the shadows).
    • Fill Light — If you take a shot facing into the sun, your subject can end up too dark due to the camera’s automatic exposure adjustment. Fill Light brightens the dark area without overbrightening the background.
    • Sharpen — It’s like putting in your contacts. Suddenly everything comes more into focus.
    • Soft Focus — It’s like taking your contacts out. Soft Focus creates a subtle blur for artistic effect.
    • Hue — This one changes all the colors in a photo at once.
    • Black & White — Control how the colors are converted when you change a photo to black and white.
    • Tint — Imagine instead of black and white, you want red and white, or pale brown and white for that old Western look.
    • Sketch — Makes any photo look like you drew it yourself.
    • Distort — Stretch, twist, bulge specific areas of your photos.

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