Download Free Office 2007 Training and Demo Software from Microsoft

New to Any Version of Office? Microsoft "First Steps" Training for people learning Office 2007 from scratch!
"Get Started" tabs are added to the Office 2007 Ribbon , giving easy access to free content on Office Online (i.e training courses, video demos). An Office Online interactive command mapping tool, also available on the Get Started tab, shows where to find previous Office 2003 buttons and commands in Office 2007. Office Online Community discussions are also available directly from Microsoft with this add-in.
"Learn by Doing" Online Training
Office 2007 Guides: These visual, interactive reference guides helps you find your favorite Microsoft Office 2003 commands in the new 2007 interface.
Office Enterprise 2007 Training Notebook introduces the new Fluent User Interface and then moves through different programs in the Office Enterprise 2007 system. Training and information about new features, tools, and benefits are presented in easy-to-follow sections with pages that can be reviewed at your own pace and in any order that you prefer.
Running Start CD serves as a handy shortcut to vital questions and resources so employees can get the information they need to be their most productive and efficient.
Work smarter using the 2007 Microsoft Office system and Windows Vista – These simple, easy-to-use customizable job aids created by Microsoft IT help employees get started with something new, learn more about using a technology or product effectively, select the right product or service, or review best practices. 
Office 2007 System Demos:
Apply Your Brand to Office Documents with Themes shows how you can give your Office documents a stylish, professional design by applying a document theme — a set of colors, fonts, and other formatting details that work together.
Enable blocked macros – Watch this demo to learn how you can enable macros in 2007 Office release programs and make informed security decisions that can help you keep your computer safer while you work.
Set a password for a workbook, document, or presentation – Watch the demo to see how easy it is to set a password to help you control who can open or modify the Office files you create.
Spice Up Your Text With SmartArt Graphics shows how to use SmartArt graphics to add color, shape, and emphasis to a Microsoft Office user’s text.
Windows Vista and the 2007 Office System Demo: Better Together shows how the Office 2007 and Windows Vista perform together to improve your work experience.
Work with tables in a document, presentation, or message – Watch the demo to see how easy it is to add tables to your document, presentation, or message.
Access 2007 Demo:
Meet the Navigation Pane – This demo shows you how to use the Navigation Pane to organize the objects in a database into categories and groups. The demo also shows you how to begin working with the built-in categories and groups, as well as how to manage custom categories and groups.
Excel 2007 Demos: 
Analyze Product Sales with a PivotTable Report – Watch this demo to learn how you can present your product sales data in a PivotTable report.
Create Charts in Excel 2007 shows how to create charts that will effectively turn your raw data into useful information.
Data Takes Shape with Conditional Formatting – see how Excel 2007 makes it easier than ever to apply rich conditional formatting.
Freeze or unfreeze rows and columns – learn how to navigate a complex worksheet by freezing or unfreezing rows and columns.
Hide or unhide rows and columns – find out how to see the data you want to see by hiding or unhiding rows and columns.
Organize your data by using an Excel table – shows you how to use Excel tables to summarize and emphasize related data.
InfoPath 2007 Demos: 
Convert a Word Document into an InfoPath 2007 Form Template – Use Import Wizard to convert Word documents into InfoPath forms.
Create reusable template parts – In this demo, you’ll learn how to create a new template part, test it, make corrections in it if necessary, and install it on your computer. After that, you can use it over and over and share it with other form designers in your company. Watch the demo to see how easy it is to create these basic building blocks for form templates.
Publish a form template as an e-mail message – With InfoPath 2007, it’s simple to distribute a form template as an e-mail message. When team members receive the form template you’ve created, they can easily create a form right from their Inbox. To help out the team members receiving
completed forms, you can enable easy sorting by categories of data in the form in Office Outlook. The Publishing Wizard in InfoPath makes all of this a snap. Watch the demo to see how you can be creating and distributing your own form templates in no time.
Use InfoPath E-Mail Forms to View Data in Outlook 2007 – Streamline your data gathering processes by using InfoPath 2007 forms to access and display data from Outlook 2007.
View the Business Logic in an InfoPath 2007 Form Template – With the Logic Inspector feature, you can display an InfoPath 2007 form template’s business logic in a single window.
OneNote 2007 Demos:
What is OneNote? Watch this introductory demo to learn about OneNote 2007 and how to use it to gather, organize, and share your notes and other information.
Keep It Together with OneNote 2007 – Learn how you can use OneNote 2007 to gather, organize, and search notes and information from many different sources in one location.
Organize, Search, and Find Information in a OneNote Notebook – Learn how to take advantage of the flexibilty in OneNote 2007 to organize, search, and re-organize information in your notebooks.
Set Up a OneNote Notebook – Learn how to create and set up a OneNote 2007 notebook with just a few clicks.
Which Way Do You Want to Share a Notebook? Learn how to share your OneNote 2007 notebooks to maximize your team’s collaborative brainstorming potential.
Outlook 2007 Demos:
Create and use an e-mail signature – In Outlook you can create and store different signatures for different circumstances. It’s easy to create a signature that includes the information you want— whether it’s a plain signature with just your name or an elaborate one with a photo, hyperlink, contact details, and several lines of text formatted for clarity and emphasis. Set a signature to appear by default, or add one with a quick right-click. Creating, managing, and using e-mai signatures is easy.
Customize your calendar – Did you know that the views in your Outlook calendar are fully customizable? For example, you can view your days and weeks in increments of 5 minutes, 60 minutes, and a variety of periods in between. You can adjust the view of your calendar according to your work week and work day; for instance, you can display Sunday through Thursday and show a normal day as being 11 in the morning to 7 in the evening if you like. Use different color schemes, and show more or less detail in your calendar.
Find needles in a haystack with Instant Search – If you’re buried in e-mail (and who isn’t?), Instant Search in Outlook 2007 can save the day for you — every day. The new Instant Search helps you quickly find e-mail messages, appointments, contacts, or any Outlook item. You don’t even need to know which folder the item is in. Watch the demo to see how to use this fast search feature, and start finding what you want instantly.
Share contact information with Electronic Business Cards – Traditional paper business cards are a time-honored and effective way to get business and contact information out to current and prospective clients. But these days, a lot of business is done in e-mail. So how do you make sure that people know how to reach you? Try an Electronic Business Card (or EBC), part of the Contacts feature in Outlook. An EBC is simple to create and you can easily add your company logo or a picture of yourself. And when you use an EBC as part of your e-mail signature, customers and friends will see it in a format that looks good and is easy for them to save.
Up to speed – Learn how the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar put the commands you need right at your fingertips. You’ll see that it’s quick and easy to compose and format your message, add attachments, and then send. Tracking tasks, making appointments, scheduling meetings, working with contacts — Outlook makes it all easier than ever.
PowerPoint 2007 Demos:
Add animation and sound to text and objects – Animation effects and sounds can add excitement to your presentations and help you emphasize key points while you deliver the slide show. This demo shows you ways to add these effects: by using the built-in animation effects in PowerPoint, by creating your own customized effects, and by adding sound. Built-in effects are a good choice when you’re pushed for time. As you move your pointer over the list of options, you see a live preview of how the animation will look on your slide. If you want to choreograph more complex effects, PowerPoint lets you choose from dozens of options to build unique visuals and sound.
Keep sane with the Selection Pane – If you work with layered items on PowerPoint slides, the Selection Pane, new in the 2007 Office release, can make that task easier. The Selection Pane lists each item on your slide so you can apply custom effects to just that item, without having to click through the layers on the slide itself. When you finish, you can preview the effects and unhide all the items.
Up to Speed with PowerPoint 2007 – Create presentations quickly and smoothly with new PowerPoint 2007 options for designing fresh, polished slide content.
Use 3-D effects – You want your presentation to convey key points to your audience. The new 3-D effects in PowerPoint 2007 give you dozens of ways to create graphics effects that pop off the slide and highlight the information you want to be remembered. Watch the demo to see how to do this with slides. Similar options are available in Excel 2007, Outlook 2007, and Word  2007.
Project 2007 Demo:
Add, hide, and show columns – Suppose you’ve created a project plan in Project, and you want to add a new column of information. You also want to be able to choose not to display the new information, but you don’t want it to be lost. With Project, you can create a column of information, hide a column, and show a column that you’ve previously hidden.
Publisher 2007 Demos:
Distribute Publications the Best Way for You – Create a publication in Publisher 2007 and then send it in an e-mail message, publish it to the Web, or send it in Portable Document Format (PDF).
Personalize Newsletters with E-Mail Merge – Use Publisher 2007 to create newsletters that make customers feel personally cared for.
Visio 2007 Demos:
Build Your Visio Flowchart in No Time with AutoConnect – The new AutoConnect feature in Visio 2007 enables you to drag shapes from a stencil onto the page or to connect shapes that are already on the page.
Create a background and watermark for your drawings – Watch the demo to see how easy it is to create a background and watermark for your Visio drawings. You can include your company logo in the background and add a watermark in just a few quick steps. And you can reuse this background on every page in your Visio drawing.
Get a New Perspective on Data with PivotDiagrams – In this demo, you’ll see how PivotDiagrams can help you get a fresh perspective on your data.
Give Your Diagram a Makeover by Applying a Theme Use themes in Visio Professional 2007 to easily add color and style to your diagram and create an attractive, engaging piece.
Let Data Tell Its Story with Data Graphics – In this demo, you’ll see how to use data graphics in your Visio 2007 diagram to present the right data in the right way and to make your points clearly.
Show It Like It Is — Connect Data to Your Visio Diagram – This demo shows how you can use Visio Professional 2007 to analyze how a process or other area is actually performing by connecting data to the shapes in your diagram.
Word 2007 Demos:
Create a set of labels with mail merge – In Word you can use mail merge when you want to create a set of address labels. These four demos show how to use the Mail Merge feature in to create labels for use in mass mailings.
Add or delete pages – Having trouble getting rid of a page from your document? Do you just want to add a page in a specific location? This demo shows you the little secret for how to easily add or delete pages from your documents.
Add and remove page breaks – Frustrated with the layout of your document?  By taking advantage of automatic page breaks and using manual page breaks sparingly, you can save yourself effort and get the results you want in your documents.
Add pictures to a Word 2007 document from a camera or scanner – If you’re baffled about how to get your own photographs into your documents, then wonder no longer. This demo shows you how to insert your picture or digital photo into a document and format it the way you want it. He addresses some of your questions about terms like "inline" and "floating," and he explains how easy it is to set up a watermark.
Change formatting by using section breaks – Suppose you want to make some simple formatting changes within a document, such as making one page landscape orientation, or adding columns to another page.
Get the page numbers you want – You can get the page numbering you want in your documents without having to set it up manually. This demo explains how to select the formatting you want. You can even use different styles of numbers in different sections of your document.
Headers and footers made simple – It’s easier than ever to customize your Word documents with unique headers and footers. With a few clicks you can create a designer look while you insert an additional layer of information in multipage documents. Choose from a gallery of designs, and change the theme to suit your needs. This set of three demos shows you how headers and footers can make your work look more professional and help readers keep their bearings.
Let Word manage your table of contents – A table of contents helps those who read your document by presenting the information in handy outline form. Preparing a table of contents used to be a laborious manual process of making sure all the TOC headings and page numbers matched up with the text—as you worked from first draft to last draft.
Make Documents Look Great – Use the information in this demo to give your Word 2007 documents, diagrams, and tables a professional appearance and feel.
Set page margins or change them – Adjusting page margins is easy when you know which feature to use. This demo shows you how to set or change margins in Page Setup. The demoalso points out how you can use either inches or centimeters as the unit of measurement for margins.
Set tab stops or remove them – Do your tabs sometimes appear to misbehave? Ever wonder how to see a ruler for setting tab stops? This demo shows you how to insert and delete tab stops and how to see and use the ruler.
Share documents with people who are using previous versions – learn to to share your documents with your colleagues who are still using earlier versions of Word. Your colleagues can open, read, and even make changes to the documents that you create in Word 2007. And you can make your Word 2007 documents fully available for editing by turning on Compatibility Mode.
Up to Speed with Word 2007 – Word 2007 introduces a new feature, the Ribbon, which brings the most popular commands to the forefront. Get familiar with the new design, and see for yourself that you won’t have to learn Word all over again.
Use Word Viewer to open or print Word documents – Even if you don’t have Word on your computer, you can open Word documents as long as you have Word Viewer. This Word 2007 demo shows how you and your colleagues can download Word Viewer and the Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats. With these two downloads, you can open, print, or copy and paste from Word documents, without having to install Word on your  computer.
Work with Documents Created in Earlier Versions of Word  – Learn how to use Word 2007 to open and edit documents created in earlier versions of Word and save them in either format.

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