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Apple Updates QuickTime to Play Full Screen for FREE!

  Previously only available in QuickTime Professional — you can finally play QuickTime video in full-screen! (Oh yeah, they fixed a few critical bugs too). –> Download QuickTime 7.2 for Windows

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Microsoft Releases Security Update 11.3.6 Office 2004 for Mac

  Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.3.6 Update fixes a vulnerability that an attacker can use to overwrite the contents of your computer’s memory with malicious code. This update also addresses an issue with using public folders in Entourage, and it … Continue reading

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Access Your Mobile Device From Your Windows Desktop

  My Mobiler features:   It’s free! View your mobile screen on your desktop. Control your mobile by using desktop keyboard and mouse. Copy/Paste text between mobile and desktop. Capture mobile screen. Drag and drop files to your mobile. (Thanks … Continue reading

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Stop Using Windows Vista ReadyBoost Until Service Pack 1?

  Microsoft’s Robert Hensing’s blogs: PROBLEM: "Sometimes when I go to resume my notebook – the disk just freaking thrashes and the HDD light stays on pretty much solid and the whole machine is pretty much unusable for about 5-8 … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s 50 “Must See” Silverlight Programs

  Microsoft’s Tim Sneath has created a list of 50 Silverlight Applications from A to Z. Tim provides some great examples on how Microsoft’s Silverlight technology will bring Rich Internet Applications (RIA) to all platforms.

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New OneNote 2007 PowerToy Exports Notebooks as Interactive Website

  Dave Tse has released on Microsoft’s CodePlex, OneNote Web Exporter Plug-in allowing you to export a OneNote notebook as an interactive web site (html files) that can be viewed through a web browser. (Thanks Daniel) Click Here for All Free … Continue reading

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Microsoft Releases Network Monitor 3.1 – Now Supports WiFi

  Well that didn’t take long! After only a few days of the public beta — Network Monitor 3.1 has been posted on Microsoft’s Download Center. New Network Monitor 3.1 Features:  Wireless (802.11) capturing and monitor mode on Vista – … Continue reading

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It’s Official: Microsoft WILL Support Apple’s iPhone

  There’s been a great deal of rumors — but finally "someone" from Microsoft has confirmed that "Apple is licensing Exchange ActiveSync licensing protocol for the iPhone."

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Microsoft’s Bill Gates #2 Richest Person in the World

  Last April, Mexico’s Carlos Slim passed Warren Buffett for the #2 position on the Forbes 500.   Today, it’s reported that Carlos Slim is the #1 Richest Person in the World!     I wonder if Bill Gates could get him … Continue reading

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Microsoft Releases Network Monitor 3.1 Beta to Everyone

Network Monitor 3.1 Beta is now available on Microsoft Connect: New Features:   Wireless (802.11) capturing and monitor mode on Vista – With supported hardware, (Native WIFI), you can now trace wireless management packets. You can scan all channels or … Continue reading

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