Microsoft Begins a New Era of Satellite Communications

The Microsoft Bloggers are all buzzing about their big announcement set for tomorrow April 1. The satellite communications project began years ago, and it appears that Microsoft is now ready to show the rest of the world what they’ve been working on. (^_^)
It was announced in January 1995  It’s the most ambitious project yet of the information age, and people would hoot if it weren’t backed by Bill Gates of Microsoft and Craig McCaw of McCaw Cellular. The two billionaires’personal joint venture, the Teledesic Corporation, announced plans last March to blanket Earth with 840 communications satellites far more than the total in orbit today. Teledesic’s goal is to bring the information superhighway in all its glory to even the most remote reaches of the globe by the end of the century. "The basic concept is to create a system with the essential characteristics of an optical-fiber-based network," says Russell Daggatt, president of Teledesic, but to provide service to areas that wouldn’t be economical to wire."  
So let the rumors begin: 
Community Blog: IT Professional Connection Imagine streaming video from your webcam to your friends and family on their cell phone?  Connecting an external hard drive on your desk to a co-workers PC on the other side of the world without having to plugh that drive into anything but power.  The options are near unlimited.  This is truly going to change the way we network not only our PCs, but all the other devices we use.
Full of I.T. Kevin Remde’s IT Pro WebLog This new technology is going to revolutionize how people connect – even on the other side of the planet!
Michael Kleef: MSFT I didn’t realize any of this was ready for public announcement, but now that Tony has mentioned it, I can say I’m really looking forward to leveraging the new communication technology.  The idea of having my video camera link to my mom’s cell phone – all from 1000 miles away – is really cool.
French: Damien Caro’s Blog – Canadian IT Professionals – I didn’t realize any of this was ready for public announcement, but now that Daniel has mentioned it, I only have one word Check it out!
Dutch: Blog van IT Pro Technology Advisor Daniel van Soest Zo te zien heeft hij een post gemaakt over deze sateliet technologie waar we dus kennelijk stiekem al jaren aan werken! WOW!
Ad Nauseam – ramblings of a technologist I’ll add my two cents:  yes, it’s amazing, and yes, we’ve known about it internally for a little while, but couldn’t share anything externally. No other company has the resources and technology to launch an infrastructure like this. 
michael kalbe ~ building IT – infrastructure architecture Maria is an associate of mine who works in the Singapore has very good connections to the developers in Redmond. It looks like she’s posted some information about some satellite technology we’ve been working on quietly for the past few years.
Maria Johansson IT Pro Evangelist, Microsoft Asia Pacific I have been in the US this week and met some people at Microsoft that told me about something that I just have to pass on to you. It’s about a new cool satellite technology that Bill Gates been working on for years and that seems so cool! One of my former colleagues from Sweden
Michael Anderberg, CISSP IT Pro Evangelist, Microsoft Sweden  Hmmm… there’s a rumor floating around that Microsoft is about to incorporate a new feature, based on information brought down from a network of satelites, in Vista. Although I am normally well connected this one seems very hush hush indeed yet it seems so solid that it must be something solid behind it.
Vibro.NET Scatter thoughts My good amigo David Cervigon Luna from our Madrid subsidiary seems to have more details than I do: check out his post (which was missing)

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