Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio Express Challenge Yields Four Free Games

"The XNA Game Studio Express Challenge here at GDC this week.  4 teams from 4 countries were flown to San Francisco and set up in the XNA Lobby Lounge at the Moscone North complex.  The Challenge was simple but completing it was anything but – make an original game, from scratch in 4 days. Each XNA Game Studio Express Challenge team worked from Monday March 5 to Thursday March 8 to bring their game to life. We are pleased to now offer these games up to the public to also enjoy and appreciate 4 very different games, by 4 teams, in 4 days!"
AbduX, from graduate student game developer Andre Furtado from Brazil, is a zany action game that turns the tables on the classic humanity vs. aliens formula. This time, the player assumes the role of an alien and pilots a flying saucer through the countryside to abduct unsuspecting earthlings while trying to avoid detection. What’s impressive about AbduX is how it incorporates voice recognition commands to control functions of the spacecraft.
Damage Control is a game created by hobbyist game developer Josh Butterworth from the United Kingdom with the remote assistance of Maher “m0dus” Al-Samkari and the NeoGAF community. Damage Control is a four player multiplayer siege game where you must defend your base from wave after wave of invading aliens.
DungeonQuest, a 3D action RPG from independent game developers Benjamin Nitschke and Christoph Rienaecker from exDream in Germany. Benjamin and Christoph managed to include two player co-op multiplayer in this expansive dungeon crawler.
Simian Escape from independent game developers Jonathon Stevens and Patrick Glanville from the United States, is a 2D run-and-jump game in a prehistoric setting built with the help of Torque X.
NOTE: To play these games, you will need to have XNA Game Studio Express installed.

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