How to Make Your Mobile Smartphone Look Like Windows Vista

JGUI’s Vista Skin upgrades the look-n-feel of your Smartphone. It simulates the rich Windows Vista interface 
(including Sidebar), displaying all information in one conveniently screen. It also allows using hardware keys 
instead of the touch-sensitivity screen for daily operating.
Vista Backgrounds – select from a Vista inspired images.
Sidebar Gadgets – select from Clock, Network Signal, Battery Status, Animated Weather Icon (when connected).
Start Screen – The main interface screen shows you all Today’s important matters and subjects.
    • Date & Time
    • Today’s Appointments & Events
    • Upcoming Appointments
    • Missed Calls Alerts
    • Received Text Messages Alerts
    • Latest Weather Status
    • Latest News (selected service)
    • Device Status
    • Incoming Caller’s Name/Picture if in Contacts
NOTE: In the free version this is the only screen that is unlocked. It you like their customization, I’d spend the $25 to 
unlock the other screens.
Other Screens (purchase): 
Weather – Temperatures and humidity displayed on lines and bars special diagram for 1 – 10 days.
News – News is displayed in order of date and time of receiving.
Received Messages History – The list of unread messages displaying name or number, the time, and preview of text. All 
messages from the same Sender in the same day, are connected in one thread.
Missed Phone Calls – This list displays Caller’s name or number, and the time.
Thanks (once again) Jason!

About blakehandler

BLAKE was a Microsoft MVP and award winning programmer with over 20+ years experience providing complete Windows and networking support for small to medium sized businesses. BLAKE is also Jazz Musician and Instructor for residential clients on the Los Angeles West Side.
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