Microsoft Releases Updated Network Monitoring Tool

After 2 years of development, Microsoft has released a completely new version of their protocol analysis tool "Network Monitor". The Windows x86 & x64 versions are both available from Microsoft Connect. (sign-up required)
Key features of Microsoft Network Monitor 3.0 (NetMon3) include:
  • A simpler user interface
o A start page with tips and news
o Customizable windows and layout
o Text zoom on a per-window basis
o Ability to  view selected frames in a new window
o Intelli-sense for filtering, makes creating filters easier
o Aliases to map names to IP addresses
      • Near-real-time capture and display of network packets on multiple NICs at the same time
      • Multiple simultaneous capture and display filters
      • Promiscuous and Local mode only capturing options
      • Display Filters can use different machine network settings to customize the displayed frames. E.g. IPv4.Address ==IPCONFIG.LocalIPv4Address (This display filter will show different frames for the same capture file based on the Local Machine’s IPv4 address)
      • Conversations: A conversation is a logical group of frames that are related to each other at a specific protocol level.
o Conversation Tree lets you narrow down traffic easier
o Conversations for more than just TCP, so you can "Follow" any conversation stream
o Conversations are NOT limited to "connection-oriented" protocols such as TCP.
      • Color filters: display frames with specified properties in a different color and format options
      • Windows Vista and 64-bit support (for AMD64 and Intel em64T platforms)
      • Re-assembly of frames on a per-protocol basis
      • Multi-threaded so you can still use the parser while loading a capture or filtering
      • Powerful  command line capturing (NMCap.exe)
      • Script-based parsers!  NPL (Network Parsing Language) provides access to parsers so you can edit or write your own protocol parser!
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