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Microsoft Releases Windows PowerShell RC2

  Windows PowerShell 1.0 Release Candidate 2 is Microsoft’s Next-Generation task-based command line shell and scripting language for system administration that provides comprehensive control and automation for Windows desktops and servers. Key PowerShell Features:   One hundred and twenty nine standard utilities … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Wild for Wikis

  While Wikipedia is still my favorite Wiki (“user maintained information”) reference site – Microsoft has quietly begun creating many of their own wiki reference sites.   Bluetooth Development Wiki Exchange 2007 Beta Community Wiki Group Policy Wiki MSDN Documentation … Continue reading

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FBI Honors Microsoft for Rapid Response to Mytob/Zotob Worm

  REDMOND, Wash – On behalf of Robert S. Mueller III, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI Cyber Division Assistant Director James E. Finch today presented certificates for “Exceptional Service in the Public Interest” to nine Microsoft employees … Continue reading

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How to Quickly Create Linux Distribution CDs

Instalinux is the easiest method to install a variety of different Linux distributions from one location.   Select Linux distributions and version: Debian is an excellent basis for a server or desktop. 3.1 is the current stable release. Ubuntu (Gnome), Kubuntu (KDE) … Continue reading

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How Microsoft Handles “The Middle East & Other Geopolitical Problems”

    Microsoft Windows is truly a worldwide product supporting 261 GEOIDs (Geographic Identifications)   City Country (“friendly” name & ISO country code) Language Local Time Zones Local Time Zone distinctions Postal Code distinction Region Country Region Time Zones distinctions Region … Continue reading

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Microsoft Releases Windows Vista Build 5728 To All!

  Windows Vista (build 5728) has a number of improvements and updates from RC1, but has not been put through the same internal testing process as RC1 and therefore may be unstable in certain installations. We are making this release available … Continue reading

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Free Cartoon Video Clips from Warner Brothers

    Watch these exclusive Windows Media Player online clips from Warner Brothers.   Batman The Flintstones Garfield & Friends Hong Kong Phooey Justice League King Of The Hill Scooby Doo/Dynomutt Hour The Simpsons Strawberry Shortcake Teen Titans Thundercats Transformers    … Continue reading

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