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Microsoft Windows Vista Screenshots

The Minaddikts blog captured a smattering of screenshots of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Vista (build 5536). The page takes a second to load all the screenshots; but since “a picture’s worth a 1,000 words,” the images quickly demonstrate many of the new … Continue reading

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How To YouTube with Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker

A quick YouTube video, explaining how to make a quick YouTube video using Windows Movie Maker, using Windows Movie Maker.   NOTE: Ignore that the video uses the Spanish version of the software — the training is in English and easy to follow. … Continue reading

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FairUse4WM Removes Microsoft’s Windows Media DRM

From Engadget: "So far as the yet very quiet forums are claiming, a new app called FairUse4WM can be used to strip Windows Media DRM 10 and 11 (i.e. PlaysForSure, but not WM DRM 9)."   NOTE: Obviously, this is considered … Continue reading

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Microsoft Releases Windows Live Hotspot Locator

Windows Live Hotspot Locator With 106,978 free and paid WiFi hotspots in 99 countries, Microsoft’s Hotspot Locator makes it easy to locate wireless Internet access around the globe. Use the View on Map feature to see your search results on a … Continue reading

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Download Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 Releases Candidate 1

While I didn’t recommend installing the beta version of MSIE 7 to all my clients — I do think it is now safe to install and begin using Microsoft’s update to Internet Explorer 7 "A release candidate is fundamentally different from … Continue reading

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Microsoft Releases Prima Guides for N3 & NCAA Football 2007

XBOX PRIMA GUIDES: Lost in a particularly difficult level? Can’t figure out how to beat that one boss? Wish you knew how to unlock that last character? Prima has you covered with guides for all your favorite Xbox titles. The … Continue reading

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Free MechCommander Game Downloads

While Microsoft would like you to join the gaming development world and modify the code for the popular game MechCommander 2 — you can download playable versions for free from MechCommander.Org!   –> Download MechCommander Here <–   –> Download MechCommander Gold … Continue reading

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