Protect Your Children with Microsoft’s Family Safety from Windows Live OneCare

Family Safety from Windows Live OneCare gives you the tools you need to help protect your children from online content that you think is inappropriate. This service also lets you customize the Internet experience for you and your family.
What it is — Free software that helps you and your kids explore the Internet more safely. Family Safety helps you filter information based on each child’s age to help protect them from stuff you don’t want them to see. You can also limit searches, block or allow certain Web sites, and monitor what they’re doing online.
What it gives you —
    • Web filters: Block sites you don’t want your kids to visit. Create different controls for each child according to age and interests.
    • Flexibility: If your child wants to see a site blocked by Family Safety, they can ask you for permission to view it. Then you can review the site, and decide to let them see it or keep blocking it.
    • Activity reports: See a list of sites your kids visit.
    • Expanded protection: Works with Windows Live Search to help block inappropriate search results, and MSN Encarta to help deliver only information that’s age-appropriate.
    • Remote control: Keep an eye on your kids’ online activities from almost any Web-connected PC, and give them permission to view content—even when you’re not home.
    • Advice: Guide your kids toward safer surfing with advice from experts at the American Academy of Pediatrics and other trusted sources.
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