Microsoft Office 2007 Developer ScreenCasts

The Microsoft Office System Developers Conference 2006 featured many breakout sessions organized into technical tracks.  
"How Do I?"  Developer-oriented videos demonstrating the new features in Office 2007.
Enterprise Project Management – In this track, Project 2007 introduces a new, rich server-based interface built upon the common Windows SharePoint Services platform.  
  • PJ301 – Building Project Server 2007 Reporting Applications

  • PJ302 – Programming with Project Server 2007

  • PJ303 – Project Server 2007: Architecture Overview

  • PJ304 – Project Server 2007: Adding Project Management Smarts to Your Applications by using Project Server
Client Development – In this track, you’ll learn how the 2007 Office System client programs allow developers to create more powerful and integrated solutions using new infrastructure capabilities and features, such as managed add-ins, application task panes and new task-oriented user interface.  
  • CD201 – Information Protection Overview

  • CD211 – Access 2007: Rich Client Solutions

  • CD212 – Access 2007: A Rich Client for Windows SharePoint Services V3

  • CD303 – The New Microsoft Office System: Developer Model for the New User Interface

  • CD304 – Word 2007 Structured Solution Authoring: Rich User Interface and Robust Editing Behavior

  • CD305 – Word 2007 XML Programmability: Data/View Separation and Rich Eventing for Custom XML Solutions

  • CD307 – Outlook 2007: Developing Solutions Using the Consolidated Outlook Object Model

  • CD308 – Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office Technical Preview for the 2007 Office System: Overview and Application-Level Add-ins

  • CD309 – Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office Technical Preview for the 2007 Office System: XML File Formats and Document-Level Customizations

  • CD310 – OneNote 2007: Introducing OneNote Programmability and How To Develop Solutions and Extensions

  • CD401 – Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office: Creating a Multi-Tier Application

  • CD402 – Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office: Building and Deploying a Server Application

  • FF301 – New Office XML File Formats

  • FF302 – New Office XML File Formats (Schemas)

  • FF303 – New Office XML File Formats (Solution Development)
Business Intelligence – In this track, you’ll learn how the 2007 Microsoft Office system helps developers build smart client and browser-based BI solutions leveraging a wide array of extensible capabilities, including key performance indicators, PivotTables, Web parts and spreadsheet-based Web services.  
  • BI201 – Visio 2007: New Data Visualization Capabilities and Solutions

  • BI301 – Excel 2007: Programming Business Intelligence Features

  • BI302 – Excel 2007: Building Business Intelligence Solutions Using Excel and SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

  • BI303 – Developing User Defined Functions for Excel 2007 and Excel Services

  • BI304 – SharePoint Server 2007: Building Data-Rich BI Site Solutions

  • BI305 – Business Scorecard Manager 2005: Extensibility and Advanced Solutions

  • BI306 – SharePoint Server 2007: Building Custom Solutions with Excel Services
Collaboration – In this track, you’ll learn how developers can use the 2007 Microsoft Office system to create powerful collaboration tools that help individuals work together.  
  • CB301 – Windows SharePoint Services V3: Email, Directory, Tracking, and Other Collaboration Applications

  • CB302 – Office Groove 2007: Developing Applications

  • CB303 – Office Groove 2007: Web Services, Data Bridge and Systems Integration

  • CB304 – Office Groove 2007: Building Forms-Based Workgroup Applications

  • CB405 – Integration and Customization with the New Real Time Collaboration (RTC) Platform

  • CB406 – Presence and Instant Messaging with the Real Time Collaboration (RTC) Platform and AJAX 

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