iBloks: 3D Next Generation of Video, Photo & Music Sharing

Microsoft has a history of experimenting with methods of sharing photos like their World-Wide Media eXchange (WWMX) and now based upon Microsoft’s new WinFX Technology, check-out this latest beta release of the “3D” next generation of multimedia sharing called iBloks: Mix. Share. Play. 

“Welcome to the only way to create 3D personalized, multimedia, entertainment and game experiences to share with others. You can use your own digital media content or check out the iBloks shop for cool content from iBloks, and our partners.  It’s a fun, easy and totally new way to express yourself.” 





What’s an iBlok? – An iBlok is a new and simple way to personalize, share and play with digital photos, music, videos and games in a 3D environment. This makes your content look really cool and gives you amazing creative freedom to express yourself. iBloks lets you mix together all your digital media – photos, videos, or music – or check out the iBloks Shop for more great content to use in your iBloks. Simply drag and drop your media into a mod or game and you’re done! Once you create your iBlok, you can share and play it with others.


What does "Mix.Share.Play. " really mean? – "Mix. Share. Play. " is a quick way to describe personalizing your music, photos, and videos into a game, 3D environment, or a slide show to share with your friends. By blending the media together, you create your own form of personalized entertainment that reflects what is important to you. You have control over how you share your iBlok: you can email it, IM it, or post it to a website.


What games do you have? – We’re premiering with Sudoku – a puzzle game with 4 levels of difficulty and different puzzles within each level. Only with Sudoku can you add in your own photos and music to bring personalization of the game to a whole new dimension. You can share your game with friends and family, competing against each other to see who really deserves the bragging rights as the Master Sudoku!


How do I share my iBloks with friends? – It’s super simple – just attach your saved iBlok to an e-mail or instant message, or post it on your website or blog. Right now, you can share your iBloks with anyone who is part of our beta program, and with our beta release, you can share with anyone who has a PC that meets our minimum system requirements. In the near future, you will even be able to share your iBloks with people who don’t have the iBloks software.


How do I share my iBloks with friends who don’t have the software? – Right now your friends will need the software to enjoy your iBlok. The advantage for them to download the software is they can interact with your iBlok, resave it and send it back to you or pass it on to others. In the near future, you will be able to optionally save your iBlok as a movie and send it to your friends, so they can view it on nearly any PC or Mac. Of course, if they want to modify your iBlok or create their own, they’ll need to join our beta program and get the software.


Why would I go to the iBloks Shop? – Soon, we will feature all kinds of cool content – new iBloks games, 3D models, themes, the hottest new music, photos, videos, TV and movie characters, sports figures and more from great partners. Some of the content will be available for free and some for purchase starting at only 99 cents.


How do I create my own iBloks? – We know this is a brand new way to play, so we’ve created some easy instructions. Whether you want to create one iBlok or thousands of iBloks, you have the power to do so. We think you’ll find it engaging and soon you’ll be creating lots of them in no time!


How can I use my own media to create an iBlok? – Simply copy your photo and video files into the /media/Photos and /media/Videos directory where you installed the iBloks application (by default, it is installed in the C:/Program Files/iBloks directory). iBloks will automatically find all the music you already have in your Windows Media Player media library.    




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BLAKE was a Microsoft MVP and award winning programmer with over 20+ years experience providing complete Windows and networking support for small to medium sized businesses. BLAKE is also Jazz Musician and Instructor for residential clients on the Los Angeles West Side.
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