Time to Update Microsoft’s MapPoint and Streets & Trips Construction Data

Even though Microsoft continues to provide updates to previous versions of MapPoint — I recommend that you upgrade to MapPoint 2006.


Download the appropriate construction information update to keep the road construction projects information of your maps current in MapPoint and Streets & Trips programs. 


Additional MapPoint Software: 

MapPoint Get MSAs Add-inLearn how to create a MapPoint add-in by using the MapPoint object model and Microsoft Visual Basic .NET. With the add-in, users can query Pushpin sets to find out if any of the Pushpins are located within Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). The add-in then displays the query results in a Microsoft Excel workbook.


MapPoint 2002/2004 PushpinsMicrosoft MapPoint comes with 256 standard Pushpin symbols. This download contains each of these 256 Pushpins in Windows bitmap (.bmp) format. Use these .bmp files as they are in your custom applications or modify them to create your own custom symbols.


MapPoint 2002/2004 OLAP Wizard Add-inThis MapPoint 2002/2004 COM add-in allows you to perform queries on OLAP cube (.cub) files and create data maps from the query results. (Support: MSDN Document)


MapPoint Spatial Data Import COM Add-inThe Spatial Data Import COM add-in allows you to import ESRI SHAPE (.shp) and MapInfo Data (.mif) files into Microsoft MapPoint 2002/2004. This add-in is provided "as is" and as an unsupported sample of a Microsoft Visual Basic application that incorporates the Microsoft MapPoint 2002/2004 object model. It can only be used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Microsoft MapPoint 2002/2003 and Microsoft Visual Basic (.NET) End User License Agreements. (Support: MSDN Document)


MapPoint 2002/2004 Spinning Globe SampleThis download demonstrates how to manipulate the navigation, map style, map font size, and view of the map programmatically through the MapPoint ActiveX Control. Using this simple Visual Basic project, you will learn the objects, methods, and properties that are used to navigate a MapPoint map or change how it looks. (Support: MSDN Document)


More Information:  

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