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NEW Microsoft Community Search

Microsoft has many methods of searching for their information. This new "community" search engine complements Microsoft other (specific) methods of locating pertinent information and software.   NEW BETA! Microsoft Community Search locates text within Codezone, GoDotNet & Microsoft Blogs (Support Information: … Continue reading

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FREE Microsoft Software for Download

Tired of fumbling through Microsoft’s confusing download section? Here’s Microsoft’s FREE software downloads listed in one location.     eBooks Reader Exchange Server Tools Internet Explorer 7 Live Communications Server 2005: Software & Support Links Live Meeting 2005: Software & Support Links Macintosh Microsoft … Continue reading

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The Next Next Successor, Windows Vienna

In a recent Microsoft Channel 9 Video & Thread, Microsoft’s Robert Scoble mentions that "Blackcomb" the code-name for the version of Windows set to follow Windows Vista – will be named Windows Vienna. Since Visual Studio Live is now called … Continue reading

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Microsoft Bloggers Directory List

There’s no question Microsoft has become more "open" with their many employee MSDN, TechNet & MSN Spaces blogs — but finding them can be a bit tricky . . . until now!  (^_^)      Academic Search Team Access Anti-Malware ASP.NET … Continue reading

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MSN Maps is Dead – Long Live Local Live!

When I blogged about the new Local Live, I knew it would soon replace "standard" maps — but I didn’t know it would be so soon!  Microsoft has announced "The time has come to say good-bye to MSN Maps and … Continue reading

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New FREE Microsoft GroupShot Software

GroupShot creates a composite image from a series of photos. The photos must be of the same scene, taken from the same point of view within a short period of time. The application uses regions that you indicate to build a … Continue reading

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Play the Windows Vista Theme at Home!

  Recently, the blogging world wanted us to listen to a long video featuring former King Crimson member Robert Fripp creating music for the upcoming Windows Vista.   The famed guitarist spends hours “rambling” in their Microsoft studio using “blue … Continue reading

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New Microsoft IIS Diagnostics Toolkit

These three free new IIS Diagnostics Toolkits are a compiled set of tools aimed at reducing the overall time to resolve problems with Internet Information Services (IIS) products. These tools include tools aimed at resolving problems related to Secure Socket … Continue reading

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Microsoft Windows OneCare Now Available to Everyone!

"The public beta is now open to anyone." – Windows OneCare is a comprehensive PC health service that goes beyond security to take an integrated approach to help protect and care for your computer. Including:  Health Meter – gives you … Continue reading

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The Best of Computer Graphics

From different digg articles, here’s two incredible examples of what video games will look like in our future:  CG Man CG Woman

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