Microsoft Tips by the Baker’s Dozen

I rummaged through my past Microsoft support emails looking for “simple” solutions, or requests for “simpler” methods to do “things”. 
I’ve selected 13 problems to share that frustrated end-users – and then were equally flustered that the simple solution eluded them. 
1) Press "ÿ + L" to quickly return to your Welcome Screen/Lock Workstation.(ÿ = Windows Key)
2) When using a mouse to move a file, it sometimes surprisingly copies the file, or creates a shortcut instead!
Right-Mouse-Drag the file(s) to the new location, you’ll have the option to Copy, Move or Create Shortcut.   [Thanks to Vic Laurie for this refinement!]
3) Hold the <Shift> key while pressing the <Del> key to “permanently” remove file(s) without going to the Recycle Bin.
4) To arrange two (or more) desktop windows “side-by-side”
  • Open the window(s)/launch the programs
  • Click on the taskbar button to make your first window active
  • Hold the <Ctrl> key while Right-clicking the taskbar button of the second window/program. 
  • Select Tile Vertically (or horizontally).
5) To view Internet Explorer in full-screen press <F11> (repeat to return to normal mode).
6) Pressing <Ctrl> + D automatically adds the current page to your Favorites.
7) Organize your Internet Explorer Favorites by Right-mouse clicking on the list of links in the Favorites List, and select Sort by Name.
8) Hold the <Shift> key while turning the mouse scroll wheel up/down, will surf forwards & backwards (Same as the "–>" & "<–" buttons)
9) Hold the <Ctrl> key while turning the mouse scroll wheel up/down will increase & decrease the font size. (Great for the over 40 crowd!)
10) Hold the <Shift> key while clicking on a link to open the Web page in a new window.  
NOTE: In the upcoming Internet Explorer 7 (Vista), holding the <Ctrl> key down while clicking on a link will open in a new tab window. 
11) Right-mouse click on any word within Word 2003, and the Research Pane pops up selected on that word!
12) <Ctrl>+Right-mouse click on the Outlook Icon in the SystemTray – then select Connection Status to few your Exchange Server status – as well as quickly Reconnect.
13) To change the location of a special folder AND simultaneously move the files, Right-mouse-drag the folder to the new location and select Move Here
Special Folders
CD Burning
Document Templates
Installation Path
My Documents
My Music
My Video
Send To
Shared Documents
Shared Music
Shared Pictures
Shared Video

About blakehandler

BLAKE was a Microsoft MVP and award winning programmer with over 20+ years experience providing complete Windows and networking support for small to medium sized businesses. BLAKE is also Jazz Musician and Instructor for residential clients on the Los Angeles West Side.
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