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FREE: Microsoft Phishing Filter Add-in

Phishing (pronounced "Fishing") is one of the fastest growing threats on the Internet and a form of identity theft. It refers to high-tech scams using phony web sites with actual brands designed to steal valuable personal information such as usernames, … Continue reading

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Office Webcasts for October

OUTLOOK Tips for Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2003 (Level 100)Tuesday, October 04, 2005 – 9:00 AM-10:00 AM Pacific TimeAndy Reed, Senior Training Specialist, Pacific Technical Consulting (PTC) Top 10 Tips to Save Time in Office Outlook 2003 (Level 200)Thursday, October 20, … Continue reading

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Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit

Microsoft has a new tool for shared computers in schools, libraries, Internet cafes, and other public places. The Shared Computer Toolkit makes it easy to set up, safeguard, and manage reliable shared computers running Windows XP.   Windows Disk Protection … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry IT Will Fix It

Today’s eWeek mentioned that almost 50% of employees admit they are more likely to open suspicious emails or Web links on their work comptuer than at home because IT will support them.   Sadly — you already knew this! 🙂  

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Sun vs. Dell

Sun has been busy announcing their new AMD X64 based Servers – clearly competing on Dell’s home turf.    Here are some advertisements from Sun that were rejected! 🙂 Example: “Given how hot and slow our competitor’s server are, it’s … Continue reading

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FREE – Microsoft Visual Basic Books

Thanks to my new Fresno blog buddy Jazzman for pointing out that Microsoft has these two Visual Basic Resources available for F R E E  download! ! !     Introducing Visual Basic 2005 for Developers "Get a focused, first look … Continue reading

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Intel’s Chip Cost is ONLY $40

I’m preparing an article on Intel’s new (confusing) CPU numbering scheme when I came across this recent article on Intel’s manufacturing cost.     So the chip costs $40.00 – and we pay over $600.00?  Ouch!     Got Intel?  

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