Xobni Microsoft Outlook 2007 Add-in Removed from Beta

For over a year, Microsoft employees* have been taming their Outlook email with the a free Add-in called "Xobni" (Inbox spelled backwards). Recently, Xobni removed their software’s Beta status — and Cisco & Blackberry have invested over $10 Million dollars.
So when I was asked why Xobni wasn’t listed here at the "Road to Know Where", I was truly surprised I had forgetten to include Xobni. After all, I too have been using Xobni for over a year!
Xobni Outlook Add-in Features:
    • Lightning-Fast Email Search - Search email & people faster than you can type.
    • Stay in Touch - Contact info, profile pictures, company info, job titles. All organized. Automatically.
    • Discover Connections - Xobni searches the web for information about your contacts. Facebook, LinkedIn, Hoovers information & more, brought into Outlook.
    • Threaded Conversations - Email how it was meant to be read, with conversations in context.
    • Find Attachments - Historical attachments available instantly without searching.

* Microsoft Xobni Fans:
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About blakehandler

BLAKE is a Microsoft MVP and award winning programmer with over 20 years experience providing complete Windows and networking support for small to medium sized businesses. BLAKE was also a Personal Technology Coach for residential clients on the Los Angeles West Side. BLAKE now works full-time for a major media company.
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