When Zdnet’s Ed Bott Gives a Bad Editorial, Who Pays?

Ed Bott from Zdnet recently wrote an article berating Microsoft Blogger Stephen Anacker for "Bad Advice" because a friend of Ed’s had a problem with the BETA version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 

Ed disingenuously states "Now, I really don’t mean to pick on the author of this post . . ." — but then proceeds to pick him apart! 

  • Ed is worried that Stephens’s readers won’t know about Registry “key names” or how to expand a registry tree — but for Stephen’s intended TECHNICAL audience this is all we need. The criticism that it’s not adequate for an amateur — is true, but misplaced.

  • Ed mentions that his friend needed to call HIM for help with his Internet Explorer 7 problem — yet Microsoft has Free Phone Support at 1-866-876-4926  (Maybe Ed thinks he’s more quailfied to support his friend than Microsoft).

  • Ed also argues that every blog article about registry changes, include a "Registry Editor" warning — well Ed, that’s not the way blogs work. There IS a "warning" (disclaimer) on the main blog page. There are NOT individual warnings on each blog entry.

  • Ed is also worried that the "average" user can locate this article on Google – and that "average" users should be able to follow ANY set of instructions – even if intended for a technical audience – and even if they don’t understand them!

  • Ed feels he must mention some minor typographical & editing problems in his article — hey, Ed if you can’t be right on the big facts – be petty!

  • Ed also felt it was necessary to write an article instead of actually posting a comment on Stephen’s blog. Guess Ed’s above participating in other people’s blogs!  


NOTE: A Beta version of software means it is still in testing — Microsoft and all companies warn that you should NEVER install Beta software on a production computer. Period. I have a test computer for this purpose – don’t you? 


OK, I feel better now (^_^)

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BLAKE is a Microsoft MVP and award winning programmer with over 20 years experience providing complete Windows and networking support for small to medium sized businesses. BLAKE was also a Personal Technology Coach for residential clients on the Los Angeles West Side. BLAKE now works full-time for a major media company.
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